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Environmental Emergencies:
505-827-9329 (24 hrs)

New Mexico
Environment Department





There are two different ways to report an environmental issue or incident.  You can call the Environment Department using the numbers listed below or you can click on the button to the right to submit a form for follow-up (when using the form, you can also attach photographs).

For an Environmental EMERGENCY (24-hrs) call:


For Non-emergencies call:

866-428-6535 (voice mail, 24 hours/day)

You can also directly call a Bureau within the Environment Department, based on the nature of the incident, using the numbers in the table below. 



If you are unsure whether you should report a spill, release or unauthorized discharge, it is better to err on the side of caution and report it.

Any amount of any material in such quantity as may with reasonable probability injure or be detrimental to human health, animal or plant life, or property; or may unreasonably interfere with the public welfare or the use of property must be reported. This includes chemical, biohazardous, petroleum-product, and sewage spills and incidents.

In addition to recent spills, the discovery of evidence of previous unauthorized discharges, such as contaminated soil or ground water, also must be reported.




Please be ready with as much information as possible:

  • What is the problem?
  • Where is the problem location?
  • When did the problem occur?
  • How long has the problem been going on?
  • What kind of material or substances are involved?
  • How much?
  • Who is involved or responsible?
  • Have any actions been taken already?

Nature of Incident

Main Numbers

Spills, complaints and incidents involving petroleum product, chemicals, hazardous waste, and abandoned chemicals; clandestine drug lab cleanups.

Hazardous Waste Bureau

(505) 476-6000

Releases that may have impacted groundwater or contaminated soil below backhoe shovel depth; Releases that occur at sites with either an existing Ground Water Discharge Permit and/or an Abatement Plan.

Groundwater Quality Bureau

(505) 827-2900

Releases that impact surface water or present an immediate threat to a watercourse.

Surface Water Quality Bureau

(505) 827-0187

Releases from above ground and underground storage tanks or ancillary equipment registered with PSTB.

Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau

(505) 476-4397

Municipal solid waste issues at landfills and transfer stations. Improper disposal of solid and special wastes, including medical waste, biohazardous materials, asbestos, household hazardous waste.

Solid Waste Bureau

(505) 827-0197

Outdoor air pollution problems including airborne asbestos, hazardous chemicals and natural gas releases.

Air Quality Bureau

(505) 476-4300

For City of Albuquerque: (505) 768-1972

Incidents involving radioactive materials.

Radiation Control Bureau

(505) 476-8600

Incidents involving contaminants in or affecting public drinking water supply wells or systems.

Drinking Water Bureau

(505) 476-8620

Work-related fatality catastrophic incident involving 3 or more employees being admitted to hospital; imminent danger situations; worker safety issues.

Occupational Health and Safety Bureau

(505) 476-8700

Adverse health and safety conditions in public food establishments and food processing establishments.

Environmental Health Food Program

(505) 222-9515

Public health, safety and water quality issues involving onsite disposal of household sewage.

Environmental Health Liquid Waste Program

(505) 771-5982

Public swimming pools, spas, baths and other bathing attraction issues.

Environmental Health Pool Program

(575) 258-3272

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