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The Occupational Health and Safety Bureau works to ensure that all employees in New Mexico have a safe and healthful workplace.

The Bureau accomplishes this through:

  • Providing compliance assistance to employers through consultations and other programs.
  • Assisting employees who have concerns or complaints about workplace safety and taking further action if warranted.
  • Implementing and enforcing the New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The Occupational Health and Safety Bureau's jurisdiction includes private industry and public entities such as city, county, and state government. Federal employees and employers may be excluded, depending on the specific agency and/or workplace location.

The Occupational Health and Safety Bureau (NM OSHA) is an agency within the New Mexico Environment Department. As an OSHA State Plan, the Bureau is responsible for enforcement of the New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Act and providing assistance to the regulated community. The NM State Plan is funded by a grant of $1,173,200, which constitutes 50 percent of the State Plan budget. The New Mexico On-Site Consultation program is funded by a cooperative agreement for $600,000 in federal funds, which constitutes 90% of the program budget.

Contact us at 505-476-8700 to speak to Bureau staff.

On August 12, 2022, the Department of Health issued an amended emergency public health order (PHO), which no longer requires employers to report outbreaks to NMED when four or more workers test positive within a 14-day period. However, the PHO did not change the requirement that employers must continue to report individual cases.

New Regulations and Announcements

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