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Hemp Program

Approved Out of State Sources

Hemp product sourced from out of state for extraction and/or manufacturing in NM must be from sources approved by NMED. The states listed below have established hemp programs for growers, extraction, or manufacturers.  Facilities properly permitted by the state agency listed below are approved sources for incoming hemp products.

NMED recommends obtaining proof of proper permitting (or licensing) before sourcing hemp products from a particular provider outside of NM.  Proof of permitting could be as simple as requesting a copy of the providers current permit issued by the state agency listed below confirming the provider is permitted to produce the hemp product being purchased.

Further questions regarding approved out-of-state sources should be directed to the Hemp Program.

State Agency Product Approved
Alabama Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries

(334) 240-3713

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Agriculture

(907) 745-4469

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Arizona Arizona Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Program

(602) 542-3228

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Arkansas Arkansas Department of Agriculture

(501) 225-1598

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Colorado Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Div. of Environmental Health and Sustainability

(303) 692-3654

Hemp Extract
Colorado Colorado Department of Agriculture

(303) 869-9082

Delaware Delaware Department of Agriculture

(302) 698-4500

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Florida Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

(800) 435-7352

Hawaii State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture

(808) 832-0676

Kansas Kansas Department of Agriculture

(785) 564-6700

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Kentucky Kentucky Department of Agriculture

(502) 229-7761

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Maine Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry

(207) 287-7545

Maryland Maryland Department of Agriculture

(410) 841-5960

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Massachusetts Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources

(617) 626-1700

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Michigan Michigan Department of Agricultural & Rural Development

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Minnesota Minnesota Department of Agriculture

(651) 201-6600

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Montana Montana State Hemp Program

(406) 444-0512

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Nebraska Nebraska Department of Agriculture

(402) 471-2341

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Nevada Nevada Department of Agriculture

(775) 353-3675

Hemp & Hemp Extract
North Carolina North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

(919) 707-3735

Hemp & Hemp Extract
North Dakota North Dakota Department of Agriculture

(701) 328-4128

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Oklahoma Oklahoma Agriculture, Food and Forestry


Hemp & Hemp Extract
Oregon Oregon Department of Agriculture

(503) 986-4652

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

(717) 787-4737

Hemp & Hemp Extract
South Carolina South Carolina Department of Agriculture

(803) 734-2210

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Tennessee Tennessee Department of Agriculture

(615) 837-5137

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Utah Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

(801) 538-4934

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Vermont State of Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets

(802) 828-2430

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Virginia Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

(804) 786.1241

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Washington Washington State Department of Agriculture

(360) 584-3711

Hemp & Hemp Extract
Wisconsin State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection

(608) 224-4629

Hemp & Hemp Extract