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Water Reuse

Proposed Supplemental Requirements for Water Reuse (20.6.8 NMAC) Including Produced Water

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The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED), as delegated by the Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) has begun the preliminary stages of drafting the State’s Ground and Surface Water Protection – Supplemental Requirements for Water Reuse (20.6.8 NMAC) which focuses on the restricted reuse of produced water, which is water derived from oil and gas activities.  This administrative rule will focus on regulations associated with the limited and restricted use of produced water.


Public Involvement Plan

Notice of Public Comment Period on Proposed Rule in English and Spanish

Draft Rule for Public Comment

Petition and Hearing Request

Order Granting Hearing and Hearing Officer

Public Rulemaking Hearing

Pleadings Log

Administrative Record and Hearing Transcript

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