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Laws and Regulations

NMED operates under a variety of state statutes, rules and federal regulations. 

Laws and statutes are enforceable legal standards passed by New Mexico Legislature and sign by the governor, or passed by the United States Congress and signed by the President of the United States.

Rules are adopted by state agencies or governing boards which prescribe additional legal standards.

NMED also operates under policies and guidance documents. These are not enforceable, but lay the foundation for how our programs carry out their responsibilities.

State Rules

Rules are a category of law written by state agencies to support, clarify, or implement statutes enacted by the Legislature. They are subordinate to statutes and must work within the framework established by statute. They originate within federal and state agencies rather than a legislative body. These rules help place the law into effect; laws may provide a framework, and rules fill in the necessary details.

State law allows NMED, the Environmental Improvement Board, and/or the Water Quality Control Commission to create detailed standards of environmental protection. Rules proposed by NMED are reviewed by the Cabinet Secretary, the Environmental Improvement Board, or the Water Quality Control Commission.

Rules are compiled in New Mexico Administrative Code and actions contrary to them are illegal.

The rules that govern NMED are:

  • Air Quality
    • Air Quality (Statewide): 20.2.1-20.2.350 NMAC
  • Drinking Water
  • Food Safety
    • Food Service and Food Processing: 7.6.2 NMAC
  • Groundwater
    • Ground and Surface Water Protection: 20.6.2 NMAC
    • Voluntary Remediation Program: 20.6.3 NMAC
    • Supplemental Permitting Requirements for Dairy Facilities: 20.6.6 NMAC
    • Supplemental Permitting Requirements for Copper Mine Facilities: 20.6.7 NMAC
  • Hazardous Waste
    • Hazardous Waste Management: 20.4.1 NMAC
    • Hazardous Waste Fees: 20.4.2 NMAC
    • Annual Hazardous Waste Fees: 20.4.3 NMAC
    • Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation: 20.4.5 NMAC
  • Nuisance Abatement
    • Mosquito Abatement and Control: 20.8.2 NMAC
  • Petroleum Storage Tanks
    • Petroleum Storage Tank Regulations: 20.5.101-20.5.125 NMAC
  • Procedures
    • Rulemaking Procedures – Environmental Improvement Board: 20.1.1 NMAC
    • Adjudicatory Procedures – Environmental Improvement Board: 20.1.2 NMAC
    • Adjudicatory Procedures – Water Quality Control Commission: 20.1.3 NMAC
    • Permit Procedures: 20.1.4 NMAC
    • Adjudicatory Procedures: 20.1.5 NMAC
    • Parental Responsibility Act Compliance: 20.1.7 NMAC
    • Regulatory Change Procedures: 20.1.9 NMAC
  • Public Swimming Pools
    • Public Swimming Pools and Public Baths: 7.18.1 NMAC
  • Radiation Protection
    • Radiation Licensing: 20.3.3 NMAC
    • Radiologic Technology Certification: 20.3.20 NMAC
  • Sanitary Projects
    • Board of Director Training Requirements: 20.12.2 NMAC
  • Septic Tanks: See Wastewater
  • Solid Waste (Landfills)
    • 2007 Solid Waste Rules: 20.9.2-20.9.10 NMAC
    • Tire Recycling: 20.9.2 NMAC
    • Facility Grant Fund: 20.9.3 NMAC
    • Solid Waste Plan: 20.9.4 NMAC
  • Surface Water
    • Ground and Surface Water Protection: 20.6.2 NMAC
    • Standards for Interstate and Intrastate Streams: 20.6.4 NMAC
    • Utility Operator Certification: 20.7.4 NMAC
  • Wastewater
    • Liquid Waste Disposal: 20.7.3 NMAC
    • Liquid Waste Treatment and Disposal Fees: 20.7.11 NMAC
  • Worker Safety
    • General Provisions: 11.5.1 NMAC
    • General Industry: 11.5.2 NMAC
    • Construction Industry: 11.5.3 NMAC
    • Agriculture: 11.5.4 NMAC
    • Review Commission Procedures: 11.5.5 NMAC
    • Convenience Stores: 11.5.6 NMAC

State Statutes

Laws become statutes when entered into the New Mexico Statutes Annotated (NMSA) publications.

The state statutes relating to the department’s responsibilities are found in the following NMSA Chapters:

Federal Regulations and Statutes

New Mexico is also governed by some federal regulations, which may be administered by the state or by federal entities:

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