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What is the purpose of the Enforcement Watch?

The purpose of the Enforcement Watch is to provide the public with increased transparency regarding New Mexico Environment Department’s enforcement activities.

When will the Enforcement Watch data populate?

The New Mexico Environment Department will begin updating the Enforcement Watch data on our website on a monthly basis. The New Mexico Environment Department will also begin uploading historic data as resources allow.

Why is my business on the Enforcement Watch?

If your business or organization is on the Enforcement Watch, the New Mexico Environment Department has notified your business or organization of an alleged violation of a regulation, rule, permit, license, etc.

Until this matter is fully resolved – meaning adjudicated in court of law or administratively resolved, including the full payment of any civil penalties – your business or organization will remain on this list as an active matter.

What should I do if I see an error in the data?

If see an error in the Enforcement Watch data, please contact the respective New Mexico Environment Department program by calling us at (800) 219-6157 or (505) 827-2855.

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