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Environmental Emergencies:
505-827-9329 (24 hrs)
New Mexico
Environment Department
Ground Water Quality Bureau

Pollution Prevention Section


The Ground Water Pollution Prevention Section (GWPPS) reviews and approves ground water Discharge Permits for discharges that have the potential to impact ground water quality pursuant to Subparts III and V of the Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) regulations (20.6.2 NMAC). Ground water Discharge Permits address a wide variety of discharges including:

  • Domestic wastewater facilities
  • Large capacity septic tank leachfields
  • Reclaimed wastewater reuse
  • Power generating plants
  • Commercial laundries (when not served by sanitary sewers)
  • Commercial land farms for treatment of contaminated soil
  • Industrial discharges
  • Ground Water remediation systems

A Discharge Permit application for PPS sites can be found here. Discharge Permits for dairies and non-dairy agricultural facilities, such as cheese plants and chile processors, are managed by the Agriculture Compliance Section. To access dairy specific forms, please visit the Agricultural Compliance Section 

Spill Reporting

This program also addresses unauthorized discharges, such as spills, for facilities that it regulates. Please review NMAC for instructions on how to proceed with notifying the Pollution Prevention Section if you have a spill.

GWQB Public Involvement Plans (PIP)

The Bureau encourages the public to learn about and get involved in regulatory decision-making opportunities for facilities GWQB regulates. The purpose of the PIP is to provide public participation opportunities and information that may be needed to participate in GWQB regulatory activities. To view PIPs in your community, please visit the GWQB PIP Website

Current List of Discharge Permits

Updated July 19, 2018

Permits are issued for 5 year terms and must be renewed to provide continuous coverage. This list (PDF or Excel) will be updated regularly as more permits are finalized. Currently the PPS manages approximately 1000 active permits.

Waste Control Specialists, LLC (DP-1817) Administrative Record with Associated Index

DP-1817 Index File (English) and (Spanish

DP-1817 Administrative Record, Volume 1, Bates No. 00001 – 00931

DP-1817 Administrative Record, Volume 2, Bates No. 00932 – 01668

DP-1817 Administrative Record, Volume 3, Bates No. 01669 – 02429

DP-1817 Administrative Record, Volume 4, Bates No. 02430 – 03097

DP-1817 Administrative Record, Volume 5, Bates No. 03098 – 03732

DP-1817 Administrative Record, Volume 6, Bates No. 03733 – 04597

DP-1817 Administrative Record, Volume 7, Bates No. 04335 – 04978

DP-1817 Administrative Record, Volume 8, Bates No. 04979 – 05617

DP-1817 Administrative Record, Volume 9, Bates No. 05618 – 06110

DP-1817 Fact Sheet (English) and (Spanish)

LANL-Permit to Land Apply Treated Groundwater (DP-1793) Administrative Record with Associated Index

DP-1793 Index File

DP-1793 Administrative Record, Volume 1, Bates No. 00001 – 00277

DP-1793 Administrative Record, Volume 2, Bates No. 00278 – 00452

DP-1793 Administrative Record, Volume 3, Bates No. 00453-00647

DP-1793 Administrative Record, Volume 4, Bates No. 00648 – 00843

DP-1793 Administrative Record, Volume 5, Bates No. 00844 – 01074

DP-1793 Administrative Record, Volume 6, Bates No. 01075 – 01272

DP-1793 Administrative Record, Volume 7, Bates No. 01273 – 01466

DP-1793 Administrative Record, Volume 8, Bates No. 01467 – 01733

DP-1793 Administrative Record, Volume 9, Bates No. 01734 – 01942

DP-1793 Administrative Record, Volume 10, Bates No. 01943 – 02228

DP-1793 Administrative Record, Volume 11, Bates No. 02229 – 02440

DP-1793 Administrative Record, Volume 12, Bates No. 02441 – 002738

Pollution Prevention Section Staff 

Steve Pullen – PPS Program Manager  505-827-2962
Domestic Waste Team
Brian Schall- Team Leader 505-476-3648
Russell Issac 505-827-2978
Jason Herman  505-827-2713
Domestic Waste Reuse Team
Pam Homer-Team Leader 505-827-0018
Avery Young 505-827-2909
Kellie Jones  505-827-2949
Ron Strauch 505-827-1046
UIC/ Industrial Waste Team
Melanie Sandoval- Team leader 505-827-2936
Sara Arthur 505-827-9669
Andrew Romero 505-827-0076
Jake Knutson 505-827-2996
GWQB Main Phone 505-827-2900


Quick Contact:

Harold Runnels Building
1190 Saint Francis Drive
PO Box 5469
Santa Fe, NM 87502

Tel: (505) 827-2900
Fax:(505) 827-2965

Harold L. Runnels Building // 1190 St. Francis Drive, Suite N4050 // Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 // tel (800) 219-6157, (505) 827-2855

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