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The next Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) public Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 9, 2015. The draft agenda will be posted here appoximately 10 days before the meeting.

1. Roll Call;
2. Approve the agenda;
3. Approve minutes of April 6, 2015 meeting;
4. DP#1770 Discharge Permit Application Kirtland Air Force Base Bulk Fuels Facility, Ethylene Dibromide and LNAPL, Remediation. Appeal of Denial of Public Hearing Request by Citizen Action New Mexico. Wade Jackson, Commission Counsel.
Time estimate: 30 minutes;
5. WQCC 12-09 (R) and 13-08 (R) Proposed Amendment to 20.6.6 NMAC (Dairy Rule). Deliberations. Christopher N. Atencio, Kay R. Bonza and Jeff Kendall, NMED/OGC; Dalva Moellenberg, Bob Stranahan, and Anthony J. Trujillo, Dairy Industry Group for a Clean Environment (DIGCE); Jon Block, Amigos Bravos, Caballo Concerned Citizens, Lea County Concerned Citizens, Mesquite Community Action Committee, Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club and Rio Valle Concerned Citizens; Tannis L. Fox, Office of the Attorney General. Time estimate: 1 hour;
6. Next meeting: June 9, 2015; and
7. Adjournment.
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WQCC Matter 12-01 (R): The Copper Rule
WQCC Matter 12-09 (R): The Dairy Rule
WQCC Matter 13-08 (R): The Dairy Rule - 2nd Petition to Amend 20.6.6 NMAC
WQCC Matter 14-05 (R): The Triennial Review of New Mexico Standards for Interstate and Intrastate Waters, 20.6.4 NMAC
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All questions regarding the Commission should be directed to:

Pam Castaneda, Administrator
New Mexico Environment Department
1190 S. St. Francis Drive, S-2102
Santa Fe, New Mexico USA 87502


Tel.  (505) 827-2425

Fax.  (505) 827-2818

Harold L. Runnels Building // 1190 St. Francis Drive, Suite N4050 // Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 // tel. (800) 219-6157, (505) 827-2855

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