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Preventing and Addressing Leaks and Spills (What Every Tank Owner/Operator Should Know)

The Unobligated Balance of the CAF as of June 30, 2022 is $1,979,842.39.

Approximately 90% of drinking water in New Mexico is supplied through groundwater, so it is critical that any contamination caused is cleaned up quickly and effectively to protect public health and the environment.

Without Corrective Action Fund (CAF), tank owners and operators of hundreds of tank facilities throughout the state would be in jeopardy of not having financial assurance coverage, which is required by state and federal law. Without this coverage, they would be unable to operate, forcing many rural residents to drive long distances to buy fuel.

Generally, owners and operators responsible for petroleum releases into the environment are responsible for cleaning up the contamination.

If owners/operators are unable to fund a clean-up, or if they are deceased, the state Corrective Action Fund may be used. Groundwater clean-ups are long-lasting and expensive, so this is often an option for small business owners who own only one or two facilities.

This pamphlet outlines requirements: CAF Pamphlet: Processes for Payment from the Corrective Action Fund

All Corrective Action Fund forms and applications are available below and on the NMED Forms page.

Financing for petroleum storage tank release clean-up work may also be available through the Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund or the Brownfields Program.

CAF Claim Forms

Changes required for claims for reimbursement/Nuevos requisitos para la presentación de planes de trabajo y reclamos de reembolso (11/10/2021)

CAF Compliance Determination Forms

General CAF Reference Documents

CAF Reports

PLEASE NOTE WHEN LOOKING AT MONIES ASSOCIATED WITH CAF: Cash balance is NOT an accurate measure of available funds. Unobligated balance is a more accurate measure. Once funds are committed to addressing contamination, which usually takes years, they cannot be used for any other project. If unobligated balance is too low, no new cleanups can be started. Under state and federal law, $1 million must be kept in reserve for emergencies.

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Delivery prohibition

The Bureau maintains a list of facilities that are currently designated as ineligible for delivery, deposit, or acceptance of fuel here.

Report a Leak or Spill

Tank owners and operators: report a leak or spill from a petroleum storage tank within 24 hours here. This includes for suspected leaks and spills.

For emergencies during non-business hours, call 505-827-9329.
Please fill out this form using these instructions.

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