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The Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau works to reduce, mitigate and eliminate the threats to the environment posed by petroleum products or hazardous material or wastes released from underground and above ground storage tanks.

This is accomplished by:

  • Preventing leaks and spills through equipment, monitoring, testing, installation, removal and other requirements, which are enforced through inspections.
  • Requiring corrective action such as repairing or closing the tank system and cleaning up the spill or leak.
  • Adhering to the regulations governing owners and operators of petroleum storage tanks located in 20.5.101-20.5.125 of the New Mexico Administrative Code. The complete current NM Petroleum Storage Tank Regulations Book can be found here as well.

All forms are here: Forms Page. Scroll down to the Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau on that page and click on it.

*Note: if unable to download a form, try using a different internet browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, for proper download

Guidance documents for owners and operators on New Mexico’s storage tank regulations are available here.

Los documentos de orientación para propietarios y operadores sobre las regulaciones de tanques de almacenamiento de Nuevo México están disponibles aquí.

Vea las regulaciones completas de los Tanques de Almacenamiento de Petróleo de Nuevo México y los resúmenes aquí.

How To Use This Website / Nuevo Sitio Web: Cómo Encontrar Cosas

Petroleum Storage Tank Facilities, Releases, and Reports (GoNM) – map to use to find records

Petroleum Storage Tank Facilities and Release Sites At a Glance (Dashboard) – map, numbers, graphs

More information about the Storage Tank Committee, which serves as an advisory body that reviews corrective action plans for petroleum storage tank leak sites and monthly financial reports for the Corrective Action Fund, is available here.

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Public Information

The Bureau maintains lists to assist regulators, businesses and homeowners, as well as fulfill regulatory requirements. Download instructions for finding information on specific leaks or tanks here.

After signing up for PSTB updates be sure to follow the emailed instructions for confirmation.

Delivery prohibition

The Bureau maintains a list of facilities that are currently designated as ineligible for delivery, deposit, or acceptance of fuel here.

Report a Leak or Spill

Tank owners and operators: report a leak or spill from a petroleum storage tank within 24 hours here. This includes for suspected leaks and spills.

For emergencies during non-business hours, call 505-827-9329.
Please fill out this form using these instructions.

Contact us

Ph: 505-476-4397
Fax: 505-476-4374

Find a list of Bureau staff contacts here.

Send test reports to PSTB.Compliance@env.nm.gov.
Send all other correspondence to PSTB.Inbox@env.nm.gov.

2905 Rodeo Park Dr. East, Bldg 1
Santa Fe, NM 87505

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