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Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau


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petroleum storage tank with huge gaping hole Dented and deteriorated underground storage tank
Dana Bahar
PSTB Chief
cell (505) 699-4007
Joe Godwin
Manager – Prevention/Inspection
cell (505) 699-4006
Lorena Goerger
Manager – Remedial Action
cell (505) 670-9618
Evan Trump
Manager – Reimbursement Section
cell (505) 470-7048
Antonette Cordova
Manager – Tanks Operations and Support Program (Tank Fees, Operator Training,
Installer Certification, Qualified Tester)
cell (505) 372-8154

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Job Openings with the Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau

Environmental Scientist/Specialist-Operational 10112401 Santa Fe Open until filled

Please go to (scroll down to View Job Opportunities) for information and to apply for jobs. State employees, please access Careers through your SHARE account. Enter the position # in the search field.


**NEW STORY MAPS** This map shows the gas stations and other facilities New Mexico could lose if funding in the Corrective Action Fund (CAF) is depleted. Another map here shows petroleum storage tanks and their release sites in your legislative district, your county, and all of New Mexico

STATE PROGRAM RE-APPROVAL: The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved changes to New Mexico’s Underground Storage Tank (UST) program that were required when EPA changed the federal UST regulations in 2015. Additional information is available here.

FUELS WITH ETHANOL OR BIODIESEL: EPA now allows year-round sales of gasoline blended with up to 15% ethanol (E15) (final rule). If your tank holds fuel with greater than 10% ethanol or 20% biodiesel, you must follow additional compatibility requirements in NMAC and NMAC. These include providing at least 30 days’ notice to PSTB prior to changing to one of these substances and providing proof that the entire system is compatible with the substance stored in it.  If you see any signs of deterioration during the required monthly inspection of containment sumps, have the inner and outer walls of the piping tightness tested by a qualified tester.

USE EMAIL OR CELL PHONES TO CONTACT STAFF: Land lines (office phones) for many Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau staff were disconnected July 1. Click on “PSTB Staff Contact List” near top of page or “Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau Staff” in the menu at upper left for staff email addresses and cell phone numbers.

ASTM E3225-20 DOES NOT MEET REGS: ASTM test standard E3225-20 does NOT meet the requirements of the New Mexico Petroleum Storage Tank Regulations for testing of spill prevention equipment and containment sumps. ASTM test standard E3225-20, Standard Practice for Performing a Liquid Test of Spill Prevention Equipment and Containment Sumps Used for Interstitial Monitoring of Piping by Visual Examination, does NOT meet federal requirements in 40 CFR 280 and does NOT meet the periodic testing requirements in 20.5 NMAC. The testing procedures in PEI (Petroleum Equipment Institute) 1200 ARE acceptable. Questions? Click “Find Your Tank Inspector” near the top of the page to locate and contact the inspector for your area.

THIRTY (30)-DAY NOTICE is required by law for tank installations, removals, temporary closures, modifications, and repairs, etc. Click on Prevention and Inspection Program (up and to the left), then Forms below that for forms and people to contact.

LOANS MAY BE AVAILABLE from the State Clean Water Revolving Fund for replacement, removal, or upgrade of storage tanks or remediation of releases. Please go to /construction-programs/clean-water-state-revolving-fund-cwsrf/ for more information. Applications are accepted year-round on an as-needed basis.

SEE MENU AT UPPER LEFT for more information. Click on menu items for submenus or to go to that page.

QUALITY OF GASOLINE, DIESEL, ETC., and measuring devices are regulated by the Department of Agriculture. You can contact them here (scroll to Standards and Consumer Services).

For non-discrimination information, please click or go to /non-employee-discrimination-complaint-page/.

PSTB Mission Statement

To reduce, mitigate and eliminate the threats to the environment posed by petroleum products or hazardous material or wastes released from underground and above ground storage tanks.

Science | Innovation | Collaboration | Compliance

Offices in New Mexico

Santa Fe PSTB [District 2]
2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Building 1 – Santa Fe, NM 87505
Tel. (505) 476-4397 Fax. (505) 476-4374

Albuquerque PSTB [District 1]
121 Tijeras Avenue NE, Suite 1000 – Albuquerque, NM 87102
Tel. (505) 222-9500 Fax. (505) 222-9510

Farmington PSTB [District 2] 1800 East 30th Street, Farmington, NM 87401
Tel. (505) 566-9741; Fax (505)-566-9757

Las Cruces PSTB [District 3]
2301 Entrada del Sol, Las Cruces, NM 88001
Tel. (575) 288-2050 Fax. (575) 526-6162

Roswell PSTB [District 3]
1914 West 2nd Street – Roswell, NM 88201
Tel. (575) 624-6046 Fax. (575) 624-2023