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2011 Water Quality Management Plan and Continuing Planning Process

Executive Summary: 
 The changes made during the 2011 WQMP/CPP update included: 

  • Consolidating the WQMP and CPP into one document and the process for updating 
  • Incorporating water quality standards amendments
  • Updating the Total Maximum Daily Load list
  • Incorporating the TMDL settlement agreement requirements 
  • Adding the process for establishing Total Maximum Daily Loads
  • Incorporating a sections regarding the wetlands program
  • Incorporating Underground Injection Control regulations
  • Adding language regarding the Water Cabinet
  • Adding references to new regulations for Section 401 certification of NPDES and Dredge/Fill Permits
  • Adding the Hydrology Protocol as an appendix 
  • General updates to program descriptions and citations 
Draft Hydrology ProtocolSWQB08.25.09
Draft WQMP/CPPSWQB01.14.11
Public Comment Notice SWQB01.14.11
Request for ExtensionSWQB02.16.11
Public Notice ExtensionSWQB02.17.11
Public Comments and ResponsesSWQB04.25.11
Hearing NoticeSWQB 
WQCC Petition for Hearing  
WQCC’s Statement of ReasonsWQCC05.10.11
Submittal Letter to EPASWQB06.06.11
EPA’s Response and ApprovalEPA12.23.11
WQCC and EPA approved WQMP/CPP without AppendicesSWQB12.23.11
WQMP/CPP Appendix A-Antidegradation PolicySWQB12.23.11
*WQMP/CPP Appendix B-TMDL ListingSWQBJan 2017
WQMP/CPP Appendix C-Hydrology ProtocolSWQB12.23.11

Appendix B to the Surface Water Quality Bureau’s WQMP/CPP may be updated independently of the WQMP/CPP as TMDL’s are approved by the WQCC and EPA.  

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