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2020 Water Quality Management Plan/Continuing Planning Process

Executive Summary:

The changes being proposed during the 2020 WQMP/CPP update included:

  • Incorporated changes and new developments that have occurred since the last revision
  • Updates to the Antidegradation Policy Implementation Procedure (Appendix A)
  • Incorporated the Wetland Program (Previously Section XV) into regulatory mandated portions of the WQMP/CPP
  • General updates to program descriptions and citations

*Appendix B to the Surface Water Quality Bureau’s WQMP/CPP is updated independently of the WQMP/CPP as TMDL’s are approved by the WQCC and EPA.

Draft WQMP/CPP (without Appendices)SWQB11.22.2019
Draft Appendix A-Antidegradation PolicySWQB11.22.2019
*Draft Appendix B-TMDLSWQB*Not Applicable
Draft Appendix C-Hydrology ProtocolSWQB11.22.2019
Draft Appendix C-Hydrology Protocol Field SheetSWQB11.22.2019
Public Comment NoticeSWQB11.22.2019
Extension of Public Comment Period (Notice / Aviso)SWQB12.20.2019
Summary of Changes (for informational purposes only)SWQB01.10.2020
Public Comments and NMED ResponsesSWQB05.21.2020
Update of Summary of Changes (for informational purposes only)SWQB05.27.2020
Revised WQMP/CPP as submitted to WQCC (with Appendices)SWQB05.21.2020
Presentation to WQCCSWQB06.09.2020
Order for NMED to Further Amend the WQMP/CPPWQCC06.25.2020
Revised WQMP/CPP as submitted to WQCC (with Appendices)SWQB06.26.2020
Presentation to WQCCSWQB09.08.2020
Final Order Approving and Adopting Updated WQMP/CPPWQCC09.21.2020
Submittal Letter to EPASWQB09.29.2020
EPA’s Response and ApprovalEPA10.23.2020
Approved WQMP/CPP (without Appendices)SWQB10.23.2020
WQMP/CPP Appendix A-Antidegradation PolicySWQB10.23.2020
*WQMP/CPP Appendix B-TMDL ListingSWQB*November 2019
WQMP/CPP Appendix C-Hydrology ProtocolSWQB10.23.2020
WQMP/CPP Appendix C-Hydrology Protocol Field SheetSWQB10.23.2020

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