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Surface Water Quality

2020 Water Quality Management Plan/Continuing Planning Process

Executive Summary:  The changes being proposed during the 2020 WQMP/CPP update included:  

  • Incorporating changes and new developments that have occurred since the last revision
  • Update the Antidegradation Policy Implementation Procedure (Appendix A)
  • Incorporate the Wetland Program (Previously Section XV) into regulatory mandated portions of the WQMP/CPP
  • General updates to program descriptions and citations 

*Appendix B to the Surface Water Quality Bureau’s WQMP/CPP is updated independently of the WQMP/CPP as TMDL’s are approved by the WQCC and EPA.

Document Author Date
Draft WQMP/CPP (without Appendices) SWQB 11.22.2019
Draft Appendix A-Antidegradation Policy SWQB 11.22.2019
*Draft Appendix B-TMDL SWQB *Not Applicable
Draft Appendix C-Hydrology Protocol SWQB 11.22.2019
Draft Appendix C-Hydrology Protocol Field Sheet SWQB 11.22.2019
Public Comment Notice SWQB 11.22.2019
Extension of Public Comment Period (Notice / Aviso) SWQB 12.20.2019
Summary of Changes (for informational purposes only) SWQB 01.10.2020
Public Comments and Responses SWQB
Presentation to WQCC SWQB Tentatively April 2020
Submittal Letter to EPA SWQB
EPA’s Response and Approval EPA
Approved WQMP/CPP without Appendices SWQB
WQMP/CPP Appendix A-Antidegradation Policy SWQB
*WQMP/CPP Appendix B-TMDL Listing SWQB *November 2019
WQMP/CPP Appendix C-Hydrology Protocol SWQB