The delayed certificate should not impede your ability to work.  Your employer can verify that your license is active on this web page by downloading the “Active Licensees” list where your name should appear if you are active.

IN A HURRY?  Email a prepaid FedEx shipping label along with your application to expedite the process.  

If your certificate has already been mailed, MIRTP will NOT resend another certificate(s). MIRTP must wait for the certificate(s) to be returned to our office to verify non-receipt.

You can always request a duplicate certificate for $15.00 to be sent by FedEx, and provide the prepaid shipping label.  (Duplicate application on our webpage below.)

Still have questions? Email us at rcb.MIRTP@env.nm.gov

The Medical Imaging Radiation Therapy Health and Safety Program (MIRTP) regulation authority is through Sections 61-14E-1 to 12 NMSA 1978 and 20.3.20 NMAC.

Applications for licensure to operate x-rays, therapy, or perform nuclear medicine administrations to humans may be submitted and fees paid online. MIRTP issued over 3500 professional licensures to operate and administer ionizing and non-ionizing radiation to humans pursuant to 20.3.20 NMAC.

Our preferred method of application and supporting documents is through email. Completed application packets may still be sent by mail but may take longer to be processed. Payments included with mailed application packets may be deposited (in accordance with state statute) before an application packet has been fully reviewed and processed.

If you would like to know more about how to submit your complete application packet electronically, click here.

If you would like to know more about how to pay your fees electronically please, click here.

Application and other forms used for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Program include:

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RCB Main Phone Number: 505-476-8600

Contact information for Radiation Control Bureau staff is available here.

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Active Licensees

To view a list of Active Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Professionals Licensees click here. This list is maintained by the Radiation Control Bureau and includes all Active Radiologic Technologists licensed by the New Mexico Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Program. The New Mexico Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Program considers this list as Primary Source Verification and certifies this record is accurate to the best of our knowledge as of the date listed. Individuals on this list are considered to be Active and In Good Standing and not involved in pending litigation or ongoing investigations as of the date listed.

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