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Radiation Control Bureau

Our mission is to control the beneficial uses of ionizing radiation, while providing for protection against intrinsic hazards that it can pose to workers, the public, and the environment.  The Bureau regulates uses of sources of radioactivity and radiation under the statutory authority of the New Mexico Radiation Control Act (74-3-1 through 74-3-16 NMSA, 1978).

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Thomas Collins holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Management from New Mexico Highlands University and a Bachelors Degree in Biology from The Univesity of New Mexico. He started his environmental career in 2004 with the U.S.Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) as a Soil Conservationist collaborating with New Mexico Farmers, Ranchers, and Dairymen to improve operations while protecting natural resources. He eventually became a District Conservation for the USDA-NRCS in Arkansas, overseeing Farm Bill conservation programs in Cross County before returning to New Mexico in 2008, accepting a position as an Inspector for the New Mexico Environment Department-Air Quality Bureau. Thomas currently works for the Radiation Control Bureau as a Radiation Specialist.

Thomas is an avid outdoors person who enjoys backpacking, camping, and trout fishing.

As a Radiation Specialist for the Radiation Control Bureau, Thomas performs inspections, assists with the revisions of radiation regulations, and oversees the Radiological Services Program.



Today, the Governor announced that in addition to expanding recently-implemented temporary telework policies, the state government is temporarily reducing some non-critical services to minimize public exposure. As part of the Governor’s directive, New Mexico state agencies are to make adjustments to their operations, including the following actions:

  • The Radiation Control Bureau Santa Fe & Albuquerque offices closed to the public until further notice;
  • The Radiation Radioactive Material License actions will continue to be issued by US Mail during the current operations;
  • The X-Ray Registrations will continue to issue registrations during this period by US Mail during the ongoing operations;
  • The Radiation Protection Inspectors will continue to conduct e-mail, internet, and phone inspections during the current period until further notice;
  • The Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy will continue to issue professional certifications via mail during the ongoing operations until further notice;
  • The Indoor Radon Outreach will continue to provide information and radon kits during the current actions until further notice.

Bureau Chief, Radiation Control Bureau, Santiago Rodriguez, at 505-476-8604 or 505-270-1930. E-mail

Program Manager RAM, X-Ray machines, and Mammography, Michael Ortiz, at 505-476-8605 or 505-699-0060. E-mail

Program Manager, Radiological and Chemical Advocacy, Loretta Valerio (505) 753-7256, or 505-629-9761. E-mail
Alternate Daniel Ortiz, (505) 827-2559. E-mail

Program Administrator, Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy, Stephen Sanchez, 505-476-8633. E-mail.

Program Coordinator, Indoor Radon Outreach, Michael Taylor, 505-476-8608. E-mail

Radioactive Material License (RAM), contact Victor Diaz, at 505-476-8601 or cell phone at 505-231-5736. E-mail

General License (RAM) contact Robert (Bobby) Bicknell at 505-469-5362 or 505-476-8603. E-mail

X-Ray Registration and shielding design review contact James Hesch, at 505-670-4397 or 505-476-8611. E-mail
Alternate contact Michael Ortiz, 505-476-8605 or 505-699-0060. E-mail

Radiological Services, X-Ray and RAM  Reciprocal Recognition  contact Thomas Collins, at 505-660-9108 or 505-476-8610. E-mail

Program Coordinator, WIPP Emergency TrainingBobby Lopez at 505-670-1120 office. E-mail

Emergency notifications, incidents, allegations notify Carl Sullivan at 505-231-2054 or 505-222-9519. E-mail

Enforcement, incidents, allegations notify Robert (Bobby) Bicknell at 505-469-5362 or 505-476-8603. E-mail


This website is intended for the use of the citizens of the State of New Mexico (USA), and the Bureau’s licensees and registrants.  We welcome all suggestions that would improve its function.

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Radon Test Kit Contact Michael Taylor (Click Here)

Advisory Councils

Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Advisory Council (MIRTAC)

Radiation Technical Advisory Council (RTAC)

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Environmental Improvement Board (EIB)



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