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RadiationProducingMachineRegistration_RADServices_Final Oct 2018 Xray Registration Ownership Transfer form1 Sept 2012

RadiationProducingMachineRegistration_RADServices_Final Oct 2018_

RadiationProducingMachineRegistration_RADServices_Final Oct 2018 We license and regulate 1,300+ radiation machine facilities statewide used in such applications as healing arts, industry, and research.  We inspect our registrants on a prioritized schedule to ensure radiation exposures to employees and the public are within applicable limits at levels that are as low as reasonably achievable.

“Radiation machine” is defined by the New Mexico Radiation Protection Regulations (20.3 NMAC) as any device capable of producing radiation except those which produce radiation only from radioactive material.  Examples include medical x-ray machines, particle accelerators, and x-ray radiography machines used for non-destructive testing of materials. 

We regulate the machines and their usage in accordance with the requirements of the NMRPR (20.3 NMAC).  Registrants are required to maintain copies of pertinent parts of the regulations.  Mandatory parts include 20.3.1,20.3.2, 20.3.4 (except appendices), 20.3.6 and 20.3.10.  Other parts apply as applicable for the type of use.  To view or download pertinent parts of the regulations, please visit our regulations webpage.

Mammography Program In New Mexico

The State of New Mexico under contract to the Food and Drug administration inspects all private mammography screening and diagnostic facilities which do no fall under federal authority. For question on mammography please call (505)476-8604 or (505)476-8605.

About Mammography Quality Standards 

The imaging gently Campaign is an initiative of the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging

See information on X ray dose in the imaging of children 

Forms available by downloading:

Medical Diagnostic or Industrial Facility Applications
Applications for new registration, amendment, or renewal of existing registrations must be made by completing the application.

Guide for Applying for Medical Diagnostic and Industrial Facility Registration (pdf)

Medical Diagnostic or Industrial Radiation Machine Facility Application(pdf)

Form Required for Change of Control or Change of Ownership or both (to include a name change)(pdf)

Therapy Accelerator Facility Applications (PDF)
Applications for new registration, amendment, or renewal of existing registrations must be made by completing the application.

RCB Form A: Particle Accelerator Facility Registration, Amendment, or Renewal (PDF)
Particle Accelerator Registration Guide: Instructions for Completing RCB Form A (PDF)
Quality Management Program (PDF)

Notice To Employees
This document must be posted in the workplace as required by Part 10 of the New Mexico Radiation Protection Regulations.

Notice to Employees (PDF)

For out-of-state registrants entering New Mexico under reciprocal recognition.

Instruction Reciprocity Recognition (PDF)

Reciprocity 2-day Notification Form (PDF)

Do you have questions or comments regarding our regulation of radiation machines?  If so, please contact one of the following people as appropriate for the given category:

General Topics

Applying for a New, Renewal, or Amended Registration of X-ray Producing Machines
James K. Hesch, Radiation Specialist
(505) 476-8611
 (505) 670-4397 cell

Applying for Reciprocal Recognition
Victor Diaz, Licensing Specialist
(505) 476-8601 or (505) 231-5736

Radiation Shielding Design Plans
James K. Hesch, Radiation Specialist
(505) 476-8611
(505) 670-4397 cell

Michael Ortiz, Program Manager
Radiation Protection Program
(505) 476-8605
(505) 699-0060 cell

Incident and Allegation Reporting
Carl Sullivan, Radiation Specialist
(505) 222-9519 or (505) 231-5647



For information regarding this page, contact Carl Sullivan of the Bureau at


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