The Radiation Control Bureau licenses and regulates approximately 200 radioactive material licensees statewide. These licenses are separate from those issued for medical imaging equipment. We inspect licensees on a prioritized schedule to ensure radiation exposures and radioactive material releases are within applicable limits at levels that are as low as reasonably achievable.

New Mexico is a U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Agreement State, meaning that we have an agreement with the NRC authorizing the state to regulate the possession and use of certain radioactive materials in the State of New Mexico. 

We regulate radioactive materials in accordance with the requirements of the New Mexico Radiation Protection Regulations (20.3 NMAC). Licensees are required to maintain copy of pertinent parts of the regulations.  Mandatory parts include 20.3.3, 20.3.4, and 20.3.10. Other parts apply depending on the use of materials. 

All forms are available on the NMED Forms page.

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