The Bureau provides reciprocal recognition to certain holders of valid radioactive material licenses and/or radiation machines registrations issued by out-of-state licensing agencies such as Agreement States or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Radioactive Material Licensees

Section NMAC of the New Mexico Radiation Protection Regulations (20.3 NMAC) provides the criteria for regulating reciprocal recognition of radioactive material licenses. Reciprocity is granted on a year-to-year basis. Reciprocal recognition allows the licensee to work on sites within in the State of New Mexico that are not under exclusive federal jurisdiction, for up to 180 days in a calendar year.

To request the Department for reciprocity, submit a letter requesting reciprocity indicating the desired calendar year. Include a copy of the current, valid license, and $1,200 to cover the licensure fee. The Bureau will issue a letter of recognition based on the information submitted.

The Bureau’s letter of recognition will contain special conditions, including the requirement to carry certain documents when operating in the State. These documents will include a copy of the reciprocal recognition letter, a copy of applicable sections of the New Mexico Radiation Protection Regulations (20.3 NMAC), a copy of the out-of-state license, an inventory of sources, leak test records, instrument calibration records, personnel training records, and all applicable U.S. Department of Transportation documentation.

Reciprocal radioactive material licensees are required to notify the Bureau in writing three (3) days prior to entering the State and prior to each use of radioactive material.

Radioactive Material Reciprocity forms available by downloading (PDF):

Instruction Reciprocity Recognition (PDF)
Reciprocity 3-day Notification Form (PDF)

For out-of-state licensees entering New Mexico under reciprocal recognition of their radioactive material licenses.

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