New Mexico Laws and Regulations

Current Liquid Waste Regulations

Historical Liquid Waste Regulations

Table of Historical Regulation – Title, Adopting Agency, Date

Liquid Waste Disposal and Treatment Reg CurrentEIB9/15/2014
Liquid Waste Disposal and Treatment RegOverview of 2013 changesEIB9/01/2013
Liquid Waste Disposal and Treatment Reg. AmendmentEIB11/21/2011
Liquid Waste Disposal and Treatment Amendment RegEIB04/01/2007
Liquid Waste Disposal and Treatment RegEIB9/1/2005
Liquid Waste Disposal Reg. AmendmentEIB4/1/2004
Liquid Waste Disposal RegEIB10/15/1997
Liquid Waste Disposal RegEIB11/30/1995
Liquid Waste Disposal RegEIB2/1/1990
Liquid Waste Disposal RegEIB10/10/1985
Liquid Waste Disposal Reg. AmendmentEIB1/30/1980
Liquid Waste Disposal RegEID8/7/1979
Liquid Waste Disposal RegEID9/14/1973
Policy for Individual Water Supplies and Sewage Disposal SystemsBPH9/27/1959
Regulation Governing Water Supplies and Sewage DisposalBPH6/28/1937
Regulation prohibiting Insanitary Toilets in Certain PlacesBPH6/28/1937
EIB=Environmental Improvement Board, EID=Environmental Improvement Division, BPH=Board of Public Health


Bernalillo County Residents

Bernalillo County is the only county in New Mexico that has its own onsite wastewater ordinance. Bernalillo County Wastewater Ordinance applies only to unincorporated portions of Bernalillo County. Incorporated portions of Bernalillo County are regulated by NMED and include Tijeras, Los Ranchos de Albuqerque and the City of Albuquerque. The Albuquerque Field Office (NMED) will be able to help you determine in what jurisdiction a given property lies. For assistance please contact the Albuquerque Field Office at (505) 222-9500.



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