Liquid waste treatment and disposal system products are approved by the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) for use in permitted on-site liquid waste systems based on information submitted to the Department and recommendations from the Wastewater Technical Advisory Committee (WTAC). The WTAC has established performance criteria for secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment systems.

Improper installation, operation or maintenance may cause some of these products to fail to function properly, which may include failure to meet treatment performance criteria. NMED’s approval of any liquid waste treatment or disposal system product as eligible for permitting does not impart or imply any guarantee that the product will, in fact, function properly. Malfunctioning liquid waste treatment and disposal systems may result in hazards to public safety, health and welfare, degradation of water quality, and in violations of applicable Liquid Waste Disposal and Treatment regulations and standards, 20.7.3, NMAC.

Some product manufacturers have made claims, in company websites, literature and advertisements, with regard to issues other than meeting WTAC performance criteria.  In some instances, NMED has determined that these claims are either incorrect, or have not been demonstrated to be valid using the scientific method of inquiry. Examples of such claims include, but are not necessarily limited to, assertions regarding treatment process, effluent quality, necessity of tank pumping, drainfield performance or longevity, and regulatory permitting requirements. NMED’s approval of any liquid waste treatment or disposal system product as eligible for permitting does not impart or imply any endorsement of, or concurrence with, any claims made by the manufacturer.

Approved Products

The Liquid Waste Program maintains lists of approved products.

Permits for the installation of septic tanks, advanced treatment systems, and proprietary drainfield products will not be issued unless the tank or product has been reviewed and approved by NMED before installation. Proprietary drainfield products must be reviewed by the WTAC.

The NMED WTAC page has links to applications for:

  • Septic tank manufacturers seeking approval of septic tanks, and
  • Manufacturers of proprietary advanced treatment units (ATU, ATS) or drainfield products

The Office of Public Facilitation WTAC page lists the current WTAC members

Approved Septic Tanks (Updated 09/29/2022)

Inactive Tanks (Updated 09/29/2022)

Drainfield Products (do not include pipe and gravel drainfields)

ATS Products

Tire Chips

  • Tire chips are approved by NMED for use in onsite wastewater system drainfields. When manufactured to the Tire Chip Specification developed by the Liquid Waste Program, the WTAC found that tire chips do not pose a threat to groundwater. Manufacturers must obtain a permit from the Solid Waste Bureau before manufacturing tire chips in New Mexico.



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