Technical topic contacts for NMED/Air Quality Bureau

The following list of air quality topics and NMED Air Quality Bureau contacts will allow you to find out “who to ask about what”. You may click on a staff member’s name to contact them directly by email.

*Unless otherwise specified, all area codes are (505).

TopicContact NamePhone Number*
Excess Emissions ReportingShea Schleman629-3593
Acid RainJulia Kuhn629-2893
James Nellessen629-6283
AdministrationDonna Intermont377-7583
Agricultural Air Quality Issues (odor, dust, feedlots)Armando Paz629-3242
Air Basin & Air Quality Control Region mapsSufi Mustafa629-6186
Air Emissions Calculation Tool (AECT)Asheley Silva216-2955
Air Permit Map (APMAP)Fernando Romo629-7748
Air Quality Bureau Web PageEric Peters629-5299
Air Quality Bureau ePermitting PortalFernando Romo629-7748
Celina Phelps716-0721
Air Quality Index (AQI)Mary Hilbert629-6454
Drew Sloan629-7340
Air Quality Monitoring DataMary Hilbert629-6454
Air Quality Monitoring & LocationsRoman Szkoda231-5289
Air Toxics – State PermittingRhonda Romero629-3934
Air Toxics Emissions InventoryRoslyn Higgin629-7677
AIRS ICISCember Hardison629-6688
Albuquerque Air Quality IssuesAlbuquerque/Bernalillo County Environmental Health Department768-2712 or 311 or 768-2000
Ambient Air Quality Monitor LocationsRoman Szkoda231-5289
Ambient Air Quality Monitoring DataMary Hilbert629-6454
Annual Title V CertificationShea Schleman629-3593
AsbestosJames Lloyd629-7204
Asphalt Plants (Regular NSR Permits)Rhonda Romero629-3934
Asphalt Plants (GCP Permits)Fernando Romo629-7748
Atmospheric Dispersion ModelingSahil Kassanjee629-3808
Sufi Mustafa629-6186
Attainment/MaintenanceArmando Paz629-3242
Mark Jones629-6626
Kenneth Miller629-8673
Auto Body ShopsAnne Keller629-7874
Teri Waldron629-7081
Rosanne Sanchez629-3938
Bernalillo County air quality issuesAlbuquerque/Bernalillo County Environmental Health Department768-2712 or 311 or 768-2000
Bernalillo County Vehicle EmissionsVehicle Pollution Management Division764-1110
Best Available Control Measures for dustArmando Paz629-3242
Border IssuesArmando Paz629-3242
Bureau Contact ListKirsten Sobehrad629-3435
Johanne Loughran629-3226
Jennifer Trujillo629-7305
Maurissa Martinez629-7684
Donna Intermont377-7583
Bureau Organization ChartDonna Intermont377-7583
Burn Registration & Notification (Smoke Management Program)NM Smoke Hotline476-4330
Civil Penalty PolicyCindy Hollenberg699-4608
Complaints (general air quality or not otherwise listed)AQB Hotline (Complaints)(800) 224-7009
Compliance Assistance for Small BusinessesAnne Keller629-7874
Teri Waldron629-7081
Rosanne Sanchez629-3938
Compliance Reporting InformationShea Schleman629-3593
Compliance Manager, compliance inspectionsBrian Polgar629-3466
Casey Stavert629-3404
Concrete Batch Plants (Regular NSR Permits)Rhonda Romero629-3934
Concrete Batch Plants (GCP Permits)Fernando Romo629-7748
Compressor Stations – Oil and GasRhonda Romero629-3934
Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)Armando Paz629-3242
CrematoriesKathy Primm629-5650
Crushers, Aggregate (Regular NSR Permits)Kathy Primm629-5650
Crushers, Aggregate (GCP Permits)Fernando Romo629-7748
DairiesArmando Paz629-3242
Demolition ProjectsAsbestos Hotline(800) 224-7009
Doña Ana Air Quality IssuesArmando Paz629-3242
Doña Ana County Environmental Services(575) 647-7117
City of Las Cruces Codes Enforcement(575) 526-0795
Dry CleanersAnne Keller629-7874
Teri Waldron629-7081
Rosanne Sanchez629-3938
DustAQB Hotline (Complaints)(800) 224-7009
Emissions InventoryRoslyn Higgin629-7677
EnforcementTerry McDill629-8732
Environmental Assessments (EAs)Rosanne Sanchez629-3938
Anne Keller629-7874
Environmental AuditsCindy Hollenberg699-4608
Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)Rosanne Sanchez629-3938
Anne Keller629-7874
Environmental Improvement BoardPamela Jones660-4305
Equipment SubstitutionsFernando Romo629-7748
Excess Emissions (801) InformationCharles Butler660-6110
Federal Air Toxics ProgramsJulia Kuhn629-2893
James Nellessen629-6283
FeedlotsArmando Paz629-3242
Fees – Minor Source Permit FeesMorgan Hibberd629-7673
Fees – Minor Source Annual FeesMorgan Hibberd629-7673
Fees – Major Source Annual FeesMorgan Hibberd629-7673
FinancesDonna Intermont377-7583
Forest FiresNM Smoke Hotline476-4330
Kirby Olson629-5107
Eric Peters629-5299
Four Corners Air Quality IssuesMark Jones (Farmington Field Office)629-6626
Four Corners Ozone Study and Task ForceMark Jones (Farmington Field Office)629-6626
Fugitive Dust RuleArmando Paz629-3242
General Construction Permits (GCPs) for Oil & GasRhonda Romero629-3934
General Construction Permits (GCPs) for Crusher/Screening, Asphalt and Concrete Batch PlantsFernando Romo629-7748
General ConformityNeal Butt629-2972
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)Zachary Stauber – (NMENV, Office of Information Technology)372-8476
Global WarmingBonney Hughes479-2207
GrantsDonna Intermont377-7583
Greenhouse Gases (Emissions Inventory)Sufi Mustafa629-6186
Greenhouse Gases (Permitting)Julia Kuhn629-2893
James Nellessen629-6283
Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)Julia Kuhn629-2893
James Nellessen629-6283
Hearings (on Minor Source Permits)Rhonda Romero629-3934
Hearings (on Regulations)Neal Butt629-2972
Hog FarmsArmando Paz629-3242
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)Kenneth Miller629-8673
InspectionsBrian Polgar629-3466
Intel (Rio Rancho)Rhonda Romero629-3934
Invoices – NSR annual feesMorgan Hibberd629-7673
Invoices – Title V annual feesMorgan Hibberd629-7673
Landfills (Air Quality Issues)Julia Kuhn629-2893
James Nellessen629-6283
Landfills (Solid Waste Issues including Asbestos disposal)Solid Waste Bureau827-0197
ListservMark Jones629-6626
Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) StandardsJulia Kuhn629-2893
James Nellessen629-6283
Meteorological DataRoman Szkoda231-5289
Meteorological MonitoringRoman Szkoda231-5289
Mobile 5/6Sufi Mustafa629-6186
Mobile SourcesNeal Butt629-2972
ModelingSufi Mustafa629-6186
Sahil Kassanjee629-3808
Monitoring DataMary Hilbert629-6454
Monitoring SitesRoman Szkoda231-5289
National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)Kenneth Miller629-8673
Natural Gas Compressor StationsRhonda Romero629-3934
New Source Review (NSR) Permitting (for major source facilities)James Nellessen629-6283
Julia Kuhn629-2893
New Source Review (NSR) Permitting (for minor source facilities)Rhonda Romero629-3934
New Source Performance Standards – NSPS (Part 60)James Nellessen629-6283
Julia Kuhn629-2893
No Permit RequiredRhonda Romero629-3934
Nonattainment/Maintenance AreasArmando Paz629-3242
Mark Jones629-6626
Kenneth Miller629-8673
Notice of Intent (NOI)Fernando Romo629-7748
Notice of Exemptions (NOE)Fernando Romo629-7748
Notice of Violations (NOV)Terry McDill629-8732
Odor ComplaintsAQB Hotline (Complaints)(800) 224-7009
Oil & Natural Gas PermittingRhonda Romero629-3934
Opacity TestingBrian Polgar629-3466
Casey Stavert629-3404
Open Burning ComplaintsAQB Hotline (Complaints)(800) 224-7009
Open Burning RegulationBrian Polgar629-3466
Operating PermitsJames Nellessen629-6283
Julia Kuhn629-2893
Ozone Monitoring DataMary Hilbert629-6454
Ozone Precursor RuleCindy Hollenberg699-4608
Painting (Spray Booths)Rosanne Sanchez629-3938
Anne Keller629-7874
Teri Waldron629-7081
Pecan BurningNM Smoke Hotline476-4330
Penalty CalculationsTerry McDill629-8732
Permit TrackingFernando Romo629-7748
Permits – Obtain a copyFernando Romo629-7748
Permitting – New Source Review (including modifications)Rhonda Romero629-3934
Permitting – Operating PermitsJulia Kuhn629-2893
James Nellessen629-6283
Permitting WebsiteFernando Romo629-7748
Pesticides (registration and licensing)NM Dept. of Agriculture, Pesticide Compliance(575) 646-3207
Pollen (Albuquerque)Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Environmental Health Department768-2712 or 311 or 768-2000
Prescribed Burning – Registration & NotificationNM Smoke Hotline476-4330
Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD)James Nellessen629-6283
Quality Assurance PlansDrew Sloan629-7340
Radiation MonitoringNMED, DOE Oversight Bureau469-2154
RadonMichael Ortiz, NMED Radiation Control Bureau476-8605
Regional HazeMark Jones629-6626
Kenneth Miller629-8673
Alex Sanchez629-7891
Regulation Development ProceduresNeal Butt629-2972
Regulation HistoryNeal Butt629-2972
Regulatory and Public Notice Mailing ListsNeal Butt629-2972
Mark Jones629-6626
Relocation Notices for Crushers & Asphalt Plants (Regular NSR Permits)Kathleen Primm629-5650
Relocations for GCP 2, 3 and 5Fernando Romo629-7748
Request for Public RecordsChristina Espinoza469-0922
Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP)Anne Keller629-7874
Rosanne Sanchez629-3938
Teri Waldron629-7081
Smoke Management Program & RuleNM Smoke Hotline476-4330
Smoke SchoolBrian Polgar629-3466
Spills, Incidents involving petroleum products, chemicals, abandoned chemicalsHazardous Waste Bureau476-6000
Spray BoothsAnne Keller629-7874
Rosanne Sanchez629-3938
Teri Waldron629-7081
State Ambient Air Quality StandardsKenneth Miller629-8673
Rhonda Romero629-3934
State Implementation Plan (SIP)Neal Butt629-2972
Streamline Permitting (Oil & Gas)Fernando Romo629-7748
Substitution of EquipmentFernando Romo629-7748
Sunland Park OzoneArmando Paz629-3242
Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs)Cindy Hollenberg699-4608
Synthetic Minor PermittingRhonda Romero629-3934
Title V Annual FeesMorgan Hibberd629-7673
Title V PermittingJames Nellessen629-6283
Julia Kuhn629-2893
Transportation ConformityNeal Butt629-2972
U.S.-Mexico Border IssuesArmando Paz629-3242
Vehicles (Emissions Testing – Bernalillo County)Vehicle Pollution Management Division764-1110
Visibility/Regional HazeMark Jones629-6626
Kenneth Miller629-8673
Alex Sanchez629-7891
Voluntary DisclosuresCindy Hollenberg699-4608

New Mexico Environment Department, Air Quality Bureau      
Technical Contact List                                      v. 6.4.24       

Air Quality Bureau contacts

Find a list of Air Quality Bureau contacts below:

Air Quality Bureau contacts

Ph: 505-476-4300

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