NMED provides assistance to public water systems in developing and maintaining managerial and financial capacity. Water systems that have adequate capacity are better able to provide safe and reliable drinking water to their customers now and into the future. The Community Services Team helps build sustainable communities in New Mexico through:

  • Working with public water systems to provide assistance and develop strategies to increase financial and managerial capacity
  • Ensuring training opportunities are available throughout the state for water system board members on core managerial and financial topics
  • Providing information and direct assistance to water systems on funding options for planning and system improvements
  • Conducting surveys to understand New Mexico’s water infrastructure needs and rates charged for water and wastewater services to share with decision-makers throughout the state
  • Assisting public water systems in resolving customer complaints and complying with various state agency requirements
  • Providing tools and resources and training for board members

For assistance, contact the Community Services Coordinator assigned to your area.

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