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Drinking Water Bureau

Utility Operator Certification Program

UOCP administers Water and Wastewater Operator Certifications for all public water and wastewater utilities in New Mexico.


Important UOCP Announcements & Meetings

Advisory Board Meeting – January 30, 2020 at 9:00 am
Hotel Encanto
705 S. Telshore Blvd., Las Cruces, NM


2020 Exam Schedule

Click on the links for a printable copies of the NEW 2020 Exam Schedule and Exam application

Please be sure to complete exam applications correctly and include all necessary required documents for example; proof of training credits, HS Diploma/GED or educational transcripts. Incomplete exam applications or applications missing required documents may be rejected. 

Questions, please contact New Mexico Utility Operator Certification Program at (505) 476-9333.

Upcoming EXAM DATES:
            January 31, 2020
            Hotel Encanto, LAS CRUCES, NM
            Deadline Date: Dec. 31, 2019

            April 17, 2020
            Isleta Casino Conference Center, ALBUQUERQUE, NM (Updated 12.19.19)
            Deadline Date: Mar. 18, 2020

Information for training workshops and/or registration, please contact the New Mexico Water & Wastewater Association (NMWWA) at 505-753-8840 OR the New Mexico Rural Water Association (NMRWA) at 505-884-1031.

  Important Exam Notice

Please note, all results for exam scores will be mailed out to the operator address on file and will be made available online on the Operator Look-up. No results will be given over the phone or by email. Exam results are expected to be completed within 2-3 weeks from the exam date.

For assistance with new logins and/or reset for password to the Operator Look-up please send your written request to

To register or for access to the Operator Look-up HERE. NEW or first-time users will need to click on the “Register NMED Application” to create a login. If you need further assistance send your request to the UOCP email.  


Training Calendar

Regulation Updates NMAC Code of Professional Conduct Effective Jan 17, 2017

(See the complete Utility Operator Certification Regulation under the “Regulations” tab)


Operator FAQs

Who is an operator?

An “operator” is any person who operates a public water supply system or a public wastewater facility. According to the Utility Operator Certification Regulation (20.7.4 NMAC), “operate” means performing any activity or function or making any process control or system integrity decision regarding water quality or water quantity that has the potential to affect the proper functioning of a public water supply system or a public wastewater facility or to affect human health, public welfare or the environment. The term “operate” does not include the operation of monitoring equipment from a distantly remote location.

Who must be certified?

According to the Utility Operator Certification Regulation ( NMAC), it is unlawful to operator or allow the operation of a public water supply system or public wastewater facility unless the system or facility is operated by or under the supervision of a certified operator who meets or exceeds the appropriate level of certification required to operate the system or facility. Therefore, anyone who operates a public water supply system or a public wastewater facility must hold an active New Mexico utility operator certification of the correct type and level for the system or facility, or must be supervised by an individual who holds an active New Mexico utility operator certification of the correct type and level for the system or facility.

How do I become certified?

Individuals wanting to become certified water or wastewater utility operators in the State of New Mexico must meet the minimum certification and exam application requirements listed on the Certification & Renewal Requirements page.


About the Program

The Utility Operator Certification Program (UOCP) administers certifications for Water and Wastewater Operators at all public water and wastewater utilities in New Mexico.

This includes:

development, scheduling and administration of certification examinations

processing applications for certification and renewal

tracking all certified operators continuing education courses

evaluating training courses for relevance to the Program and to water and wastewater continuing education requirements

tracking operator compliance in accordance with operator certification regulation

working with the:


UOCP Staff Contacts Assistance with:
Kendall Crowe

Program Coordinator
(505) 222-9575

Office hours 8:00am – 5:00pm

  • Training Credit Submission (individual operators)
  • General Exam Information
Anita Tavasci

Management Analyst
(505) 467-9333

Office Hours: 8:30am – 5:00pm

  • Certification Renewals
  • Training Credit Submissions for Individual Operators
  • Certification Exam Dates/Schedules
  • General Program & Certification Inquiries
Nile Carver

Environmental Scientist
(505) 827-0149

Office hours 8:00am – 5:00pm

  • Certification Exam Application Assistance
  • Training Credit Submissions
  • Operator Training Class Review & Approval
Eric Hall

Program Manager

Office hours 8:00am – 3:30pm

  • Utility Operator Certification Regulation Enforcement
  • Certification Exam Accommodation Requests
  • Operator Lookup Assistance (including set-up, log-in & password issues)
  • Utility Operator Certification Regulation inquiries
  • Utility Operator Certification Advisory Board inquiries
Operator Exam Scores & Training Credit Tracking, please log into the Operator Lookup portal.

NOTE: If you need assistance with your login or password please submit your request in writing to



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