The NMED Drinking Water Bureau (DWB) maintains the Drinking Water Laboratory Certification Program (DWLCP) in New Mexico for drinking water analyses. The Department of Health Scientific Laboratory Division (SLD) is the assigned Principle State Laboratory as required by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for New Mexico State Primacy.

The DWLCP only certifies laboratories for analytes and/or groups of analytes and methods that are identified as acceptable for meeting compliance under SDWA, 40 CFR 141, and NM Drinking Water Regulations 20.7.10 NMAC. The DWLCP requires that laboratories seek certification for groups of analytes as outlined under the SDWA (see 40 CFR §141-National Primary Drinking Water Regulations, Subpart C-Monitoring and Analytical Requirements & 40 CFR §143-National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations). Laboratories must be certified for all the parameters of a specific group covered under the rule. No partial certifications will be issued (See table in Appendix A below). Conversely, if a laboratory loses certification for a particular analyte, the whole group is removed from certification.

Certified laboratories must also be under contract with the State of New Mexico, through the State’s procurement process, in order to be paid by the State for water analysis.

How To Apply

  1. Labs seeking drinking water certification in New Mexico must complete an application and submit it with required supporting documentation to
  2. DWB has a third-party contract with EPA Certified Officers at SLD; they review laboratory files, perform on-site audits and recommend laboratories to DWB for certification based upon their findings. Currently, the DWB only certifies microbiological laboratories located in New Mexico through this process.
  3. DWB also accepts reciprocity certification applications from A2LA, The NELAC Institute (TNI), or EPA accredited drinking water laboratories.

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