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The Utility Operators Certification Advisory Board (UOCAB) is mandated by NMSA 1978, Section 61-33-4 and works with the Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) to establish qualifications for operators, classify public water supply systems and public wastewater facilities, adopt rules and advise the department on the administration of the Utility Operators Certification Act.

The UOCAB is a seven-member board appointed by the WQCC and meets at the call of the Chair. The current UOCAB members are:

  1. Cathy Eisen, Chair, Mescalero, 6/30/2022
  2. Frank Joe Bailey – Corrales – 6/30/2023
  3. Joe Harvey - City of Carlsbad – 6/30/2021
  4. Sydney Hoke - Industrial Ecosystems, Inc. - 6/30/2023
  5. Ivan (Michael) Abell - City of Carlsbad – 6/30/2022
  6. Rick Mitchell – Flora Vista Water (Alternate) - 6/30/2023

Upcoming UOCAB meetings and associated materials are found on our Department calendar. Past UOCAB meeting recordings and materials are found in our public reading room.

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