About the Training…

Food Service Workers and/or volunteers who meet the Food Handler Card Exemptions 1-3 (click here for a list of exemptions) are not required to possess a valid Food Handler Card to prepare and serve food.

Those who qualify for Exemption 1-3 must still receive training from their place of employment that is applicable to the food-related job duties he/she performs.  Facility owners/managers must keep record of this training for the duration of the person’s employment and make it available to NMED. 

Facility owners/managers may create their own training program, utilize a third-party program, or use the training program created by NMED to meet this training requirement.  

The “Exempt Food Service Worker Training Program” is designed to be used in a classroom setting, small group, or on an individual basis. To utilize this training program, you will need the instructions, sign in sheet, and handout and training notes.  Utilizing the presentation is optional. 

Start with the instructions, which outlines how to use the training program and how to keep records for each training.

If you have questions, please contact us.   

Instructions (pdf) 

Sign in Sheet (pdf)

Handout and Trainer Notes (pdf)

Presentation (PowerPoint)

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