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KAFB Bulk Fuels Facility – Jet Fuel Plume Remediation

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Information Sheets

Garden Information Sheet
The most common question asked of people working on the project is, “Is it safe to garden?” As explained in the fact sheet, the answer is “Yes.”

Risk and Exposure Information Sheet
This dashboard addresses human exposure and risk based on current monitoring data, and will be updated after the risk assessment is complete and submitted to the RFI. The versions below were last updated in August 2016.

2019 Strategic Plan 

2018 Strategic Plan

2017 Strategic Plan

2016 Strategic Plan

2015 Strategic Plan

Key Work Plans and Related Documents

*for additional documents, please see the Hazardous Waste Bureau’s KAFB permit page.

RCRA Documents
RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI) ReportA description, supporting data, and results for investigations, monitoring events, and interim measures conducted at the Kirtland AFB Bulk Fuels Facility leak project site.Original submittal (01/20/2017), NMED Letter (3/25/2016), review ongoing
Risk Assessment ReportAm evaluation of the potential for human and ecological exposure to, and potential risks from such exposures to, contaminants of potential concern related to the historical fuel leak at the Kirtland AFB Bulk Fuels Facility site.Original submittal (07/15/2017), review ongoing
Addressing EDB Phase of Contamination
Work Plan for the Bulk Fuels Facility Expansion of the Dissolved-Phase Plume Groundwater Treatment System DesignCovering quarterly groundwater monitoring activities, QAPP, Ground Water Treatment System monitoring and expansion, and future well installation for groundwater monitoring, extraction, and injection.Revision 2 (1/23/2017), In reviewRevision 1 (9/20/2016), Approval with Conditions Letter (11/16/2016)Original submittal (01/20/2016), Approval with Conditions Letter (3/25/2016)
Rapid Response Action, Additional Data Gap Groundwater Monitoring Wells and Expansion of Groundwater Extraction Work PlanGroundwater Extraction Wells KAFB-106233 & KAFB-106234 Aquifer Testing Work Plan  (11/3/15)   Approval Letter (11/23/15)Groundwater Disposition Work Plan Addendum #2  (11/10/15)   Approval Letter  (12/3/15)Groundwater Disposition Work Plan Addendum #1  (10/30/15)   Approval Letter  (11/12/15)Groundwater Disposition Workplan  (9/18/15)   Approval Letter  (9/29/15)    Revised Figure (10/8/15)Work Plan and Approval Letter  (7/10/15)
Groundwater Extraction Pilot Implementation and Additional Plume Characterization Letter Work Plan 
Original Submitted August 1, 2014 and amended as necessary
Work Plan Addendum #4  (5/13/15)   Approval email #4Work Plan Addendum #3  (3/19/15)   Approval letter #3  (3/26/15)Work Plan Addendum #2  (1/26/15)   Approval letter #2  (2/10/15)Work Plan Addendum #1  (10/9/14)   Approval letter #1  (11/25/14)Work Plan – Original  (8/1/14)   Approval letter  (8/20/14)
Final Basis of Design  – Mid-Plume Pump & Treat SystemTechnical approach and design parameters to be used in development of EDB pump & treat system.Basis of Design – Addendum #1  (12/13/15)    Approval Letter (12/16/15)2nd Extension Request for O&M Plan  (12/4/15)   Approval Letter  (12/11/15)Extension Request for Operation and Management (O&M) Plan  (9/29/15)    Approval Letter  (10/20/15)Revised Final Basis of Design  (6/12/15)   Approval letter  (6/30/15)Final Basis of Design   (3/20/15)    Approval letter  (4/24/15)
Addressing Vadose Zone Soil Vapor Phase of Contamination
Work Plan for Bioventing and Air-Lift Enhanced Bioremediation Pilot TestsAddresses proposed pilot tests for implementation in the vadose zone. Work Plan – Original  (11/28/2017)
Work Plan for Vadose Zone Coring, Vapor Monitoring, and Water Supply SamplingAddresses activities to be performed to fill existing data gaps in the delineation of LNAPL nature and extent in the vadose zone, as well as collect regular soil vapor and drinking water supply monitoring data. Work Plan – revised and resubmitted (12/15/2017)Work Plan – Original  (06/21/2017)
Pilot SVE Shutdown Test Work PlanFinal Report (7/29/2016), Approval letter (9/21/2016)Addresses respiration, short-term testing and long-term testing on selected soil vapor monitoring wells. Data from test will be used in design of SVE system expansion. Work Plan – addition  (3/30/15)Work Plan – revised and resubmitted   (2/10/15)   Approval letter  (2/25/15)Work Plan – Original  (12/23/14)
Soil Vapor Monitoring and Drinking Water MonitoringAddresses quarterly soil vapor monitoring and drinking water supply well sampling.Request for Modification to Work Plan (4/3/2017), Approval letter (4/27/2017)Work Plan – Revised (7/29/2016)Work Plan – Original (4/25/2016), Approval with Conditions letter (4/27/2016)
Addressing LNAPL Phase of Contamination
Review & Comment on LNAPL Interim Options, Independent Technical Review Panel, Thomson & Associates, June 22, 2015Review & Comment on LNAPL Interim Options at the Kirtland Air Force Base Bulk Fuels Facility Site Albuquerque, NM
Ethylene Dibromide In-Situ Biodegradation Pilot Test Work PlanAddresses multi-phased pilot test to investigate and augment in-situ bioremediation of EDB in groundwater.Work Plan – Original (10/26/2016), Approval with Conditions (12/12/2016)

Regulatory Documents

Ground Water Quality Bureau Discharge Permit #1839 Issued Final

The NMED Ground Water Quality Bureau (GWQB) issued a final discharge permit discharges via Class V underground injection control (UIC) well(s). The permitted discharge is limited to treated effluent associated with the interim measure to treat EDB-impacted groundwater.

DP 1839, April 28, 2017

NMED and USAF Sign Agreement to Reimburse State for Regulatory Activities

The New Mexico Environment Department and U.S. Air Force have executed an agreement worth $750,000 to fund the continuing regulatory activities associated with clean-up of the jet fuel leak at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque.

Dec 2, 2015 MOA Document

Technical Reports and Papers

Technical Working Groups

Public Meeting and Field Trip Presentations & Handouts

Please see the “Public Outreach & Participation” page.

Additional archive documents can be found on the NMED Hazardous Waste Bureau’s KAFB permit webpage

Also see the Kirtland Air Force Base project website.

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