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Surface Water Quality

NPDES Permits

The Clean Water Act (CWA) §402 establishes the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program  The NPDES program is administered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) in the State of New Mexico.  Contact Sarah Holcomb, Program Manager of the NMED Surface Water Quality Bureau, Point Source Regulation Section, 505-819-9734, with questions about NPDES permits in the State of New Mexico. 

Individual Permit Applications are available at the EPA website at NPDES Permit Applications.

Currently EPA is also posting New Mexico Permits on their website.

Individual Permits
Tribal Individual Permits
General Permits

Individual Permits

Permit number Permit name Status NMED Contact
NM0024830 Abiquiu MDWCA & MSWA Sarah Holcomb
NM0022250 Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority/WWTP Major Sarah Holcomb
NM0030503 Angel Fire, Village of/WWTP Barbara Cooney
NM0029629 Anthony Water & Sanitation District/WWTP Barbara Cooney
NM0022268 Artesia, City of/WWTP Major Barbara Cooney
NM0028762 Aztec, City of/WTP Daniel Valenta
NM0020168 Aztec, City of/WWTP Major Barbara Cooney
NM0020231 Bayard, Village of/WWTP Barbara Cooney
NM0020150 Belen, City of/WWTP Major Sarah Holcomb
NM0020770 Bloomfield, City of/WWTP Major Barbara Cooney
NM0030279 Bosque Farms, Village of/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0030848 Buckman Direct Diversion Project Jennifer Foote
NM0031178 Camino Real Regional Utility Authority/North WWTP Major Barbara Cooney
NM0026395 Carlsbad, City of/WWTP Major Barbara Cooney
NM0029238 CDS Rainmakers Utilities LLC / Rancho Ruidoso Valley Estates WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0027731 Chama, Village of/WWTP Barbara Cooney
NM0030180 Chevron Mining, Inc./Ancho Mine Erin Shea
NN0029386* Chevron Mining, Inc./McKinley Mine Erin Shea
NM0022306 Chevron Mining, Inc./Questa Mine Major Jennifer Foote
NM0031038 Cimarron, Village of/WWTP Barbara Cooney
NM0023370 Cloudcroft, Village of/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0024848 Cuba, Village of/WWTP Barbara Cooney
NM0030457 Doña Ana County/Salem WWTP Barbara Cooney
NM0030490 Doña Ana County/South Central Regional WWTP Major Barbara Cooney
NM0000108 El Paso Electric Company Erin Shea
NM0020583 Farmington, City of/WWTP Major Barbara Cooney
NM0031135 Farmington Electric Utility System/Bluffview Erin Shea
NM0023477 Ft. Sumner, Village of/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0028487 Gadsden Independent School District Sarah Holcomb
NM0020672 Gallup, City of/WWTP Major Sarah Holcomb
NM0000116 GCC Rio Grande, Inc. Daniel Valenta
NM0028088 Glorieta Camps Sarah Holcomb
NM0020010 Hatch, Village of/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0028011 Jemez Springs, Village of/WTTP Barbara Cooney
NM0028479 Jemez Valley Public Schools Barbara Cooney
NM0031216 Kirtland Air Force Base Jennifer Foote
NM0028711 LAC Minerals, Inc./Cunningham Hill Mine Daniel Valenta
NM0023311 Las Cruces, City of/WWTP Major Sarah Holcomb
NM0030872 Las Cruces, City of/East Mesa Water Reclamation Major Sarah Holcomb
NM0030341 Las Vegas, City of/Water Treatment Plant Erin Shea
NM0028827 Las Vegas, City of/WWTP Major Sarah Holcomb
NM0029581 Lee Ranch Coal Company/Lee Ranch Mine Erin Shea
NM0020141 Los Alamos, County of/Los Alamos County WWTF Major Barbara Cooney
NM0020133 Los Alamos, County of/White Rock WWTP Barbara Cooney
NM0028355 Los Alamos National Laboratory Major Jennifer Foote
NM0030759 Los Alamos National Laboratory/Storm Water Jennifer Foote
NM0020303 Los Lunas, Village of/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0029149 Maxwell, Village of/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0031097 Mora Independent School District Athletic Field Daniel Valenta
NM0024996 Mora Mutual Domestic Water & Sewerage/WWTP Barbara Cooney
NM0030953 Navajo Dam DWC & NSW, Inc. Erin Shea
NM0027782 New Mexico Water Service Company/Rio Communities Sarah Holcomb
NM0030414 New Mexico Water Service Company/Rio del Oro WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0030163 NMDGF/Glenwood State Fish Hatchery Erin Shea
NM0030121 NMDGF/Lisboa Springs State Fish Hatchery Daniel Valenta
NM0030139 NMDGF/Los Ojos State Fish Hatchery Major Daniel Valenta
NM0030147 NMDGF/Red River State Fish Hatchery Erin Shea
NM0030155 NMDGF/Rock Lake State Fish Hatchery Daniel Valenta
NM0030112 NMDGF/Seven Springs State Trout Hatchery Daniel Valenta
NM0030813 Oshara Village Water Reclamation Facility/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0030724 PAA-KO Communities Sewer Association/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0030996 Peabody Natural Resources/El Segundo Mine Erin Shea
NM0029041 Pecos, Village of/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0028436 Pojoaque Terraces Mobile Home Park Sarah Holcomb
NM0031208 Quail Run Services Jennifer Foote
NM0023396 Ramah Water and Sanitation District/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0030368 Ranchland Utility Company/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0029891 Raton, City of/Raton Water Filtration Facility/WTP Daniel Valenta
NM0020273 Raton, City of/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0024899 Red River, Town of/WWTP Barbara Cooney
NM0024163 Reserve, Village of/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0028100 Rio Grande Resources Corporation/Mt. Taylor Mine Major Daniel Valenta
NM0027987 Rio Rancho, City of/WWTP No. 2 Major Sarah Holcomb
NM0029602 Rio Rancho, City of/WWTP No. 3 Sarah Holcomb
NM0020311 Roswell, City of/WWTP Major Sarah Holcomb
NM0029165 Ruidoso, City of/Ruidoso Downs WWTP Major Sarah Holcomb
NM0028886 Sacramento Camp and Conference Center Sarah Holcomb
NM0027863 Sandia Peak Ski Company/Sandia Peak WWTP  Sarah Holcomb
NM0022292 Santa Fe, City of/WWTP Major Sarah Holcomb
NM0024988 Santa Rosa, City of/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0030864 Sierra County Regional/WWTP North Area Barbara Cooney
NM0020109 Silver City, Town of/WWTP Major Barbara Cooney
NM0028835 Socorro, City of/WWTP Major Sarah Holcomb
NM0030627 Springer, City of/WTP Jennifer Foote
NM0029483 Sunland Park, City of/CRRUA/WWTP Major Barbara Cooney
NM0024066 Taos, Town of/WWTP Major Barbara Cooney
NM0022101 Taos Ski Valley, Village of/WWTP Major Barbara Cooney
NM0020681 Truth or Consequences, City of/WWTP Major Sarah Holcomb
NM0020711 Tucumcari, City of/WWTP Major Barbara Cooney
NM0031194 U.S. Bureau of Reclamation/Cutter Lateral Water Treatment Plant Erin Shea
NM0029505 Westmoreland San Juan Mining LLC / La Plata Mine Daniel Valenta
NM0028746 Westmoreland San Juan Mining LLC / San Juan Mine Erin Shea


Tribal Land Permits

Permit number Permit name Status NMED Contact
NM0023485 Bernalillo, Town of/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0029351 Española, City of/WWTP Major Sarah Holcomb
NM0030520 Jicarilla Apache Utility Authority/Dulce WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0030678 Laguna Pueblo/Casa Blanca WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0030686 Laguna Pueblo/Rio Puerco WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0031224 Pueblo of Tesuque/WWTP Sarah Holcomb
NM0031011 San Felipe Pueblo WWTP Barbara Cooney
NN******* Navajo Nation NPDES Permits Sarah Holcomb



General Permits

Permit No. Permit name  
NMG010000 Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) Program and General Permit
NMG87#### Pesticide General Permit
NMR100000 Stormwater General Permit Construction Activities (CGP)
NMR050000 Stormwater General Permit Industrial Activities (MSGP)
NMR040000 Stormwater General Permit Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems or sMS4
NMR04A000 Stormwater Middle Rio Grande Watershed MS4 and sMS4
 VGP Vessel General Permit/Small Vessel General Permit

Search Notice of Intents (NOIs) and other documents submitted through the national NPDES eReporting Tool.