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An Air Emission Calculation Tool

Calcatenate is an air emission calculation tool designed to simplify and standardize emissions calculations and transfer information between programs. The tool has gone through significant internal testing, but the grand scope of the project did not permit exhaustive testing. The testers were also a different type of audience from emission inventory submitters and permit applicants, and the Air Quality Bureau wants to know how to make this more useful to external users. Please send comments to

The program was developed in MS Access, which is required to run the program. Very long-term plans are to convert the calculations and procedures to a web application that could be used by anyone with a browser and internet access.


Detailed instructions for use are contained in the instructions document in the table below. The overview is outlined below.

Basic steps of completing emission inventory with Calcatenate:

  1. Download XML file from AEIR with existing facility information.
  2. Upload the file into Calcatenate.
  3. If equipment is missing from the facility, add it. (For types of facilities that allow addition of equipment).
  4. Select facility ID to transfer equipment to emission calculation tables.
  5. Fill in the parameters needed to calculate emissions, such as tons of material processed, hours of operation during 2020, and engine fuel use.
  6. Press button to transfer the calculated emissions back to the emission inventory tables.
  7. Export the emissions calculated by Calcatenate and the calculation file (two separate XML files with different formats).
  8. Upload the emissions XML file into AEIR and attach the support XML file as documentation of the calculations into AEIR.
  9. Certify the submittal.

Note that AEIR XML files can contain multiple facilities, but Calcatenate can only calculate the emissions of one facility at a time.


Calcatenate (an air emission calculation tool)Beta version of Calcatenate updated March 10, 2022 to set controlled emissions equal to uncontrolled emissions when control factors are missing.
Calcatenate InstructionsInstructions to use Calcatenate. Updated January 20, 2021.
AEIRFacilitySubmission (XSD) (zipped)XML Schema Definition (XSD) to describe the required XML format for AEIR. Updated February 25, 2021.
Historic Emission Inventory XML ToolsOld version of the AEIR XML converter database, file schema, and example file. The functions of this program have been included in Calcatenate with additional QA and corrections. This version is retained for historic compatibility, but is not recommended. Updated September 16, 2020.
Calcatenate Example XML filesExample XML files. Updated January 21, 2021
AEIR Calcatenate Training (1 hour 30 minutes. Calcatenate starts at 19:38)Video describing the use of Calcatenate to calculate and submit emission inventory.

Air Quality Bureau contacts

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Air Quality Bureau contacts

Ph: 505-476-4300

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