The U.S. EPA has developed the e-Manifest which launched nationwide on June 30, 2018. The e-Manifest provides access to higher quality and more timely shipment data while saving time and resources for states, tribes, and industry.

The U.S. EPA e-Manifest website offers comprehensive information to assist states and industry, including a list of regional EPA contacts who can assist with any implementation questions.

Stakeholder Fact Sheets:

There are fact sheets geared to various e-Manifest stakeholders available at:

Below are direct links of select U.S. EPA e-Manifest Fact Sheets.

User Fees Established:
EPA has announced the user fees for Fiscal Years 2018/2019 (meaning, June 30, 2018 through September 30, 2019) for various types of manifests.  Details are available at:

Initial Extension of Time to Submit Paper Manifests to EPA:
EPA recently decided to grant additional time for receiving facilities to submit paper manifests to EPA during the initial months after the e-Manifest system is launched.  As noted on the website: “Under EPA’s regulations, receiving facilities must submit paper manifests to EPA within 30 days of receipt.  However, EPA will allow receiving facilities to submit paper manifests they receive between June 30, 2018, and September 1, 2018, by September 30, 2018.  This effectively provides receiving facilities up to 60 additional days, over the existing 30 days provided in the regulations, to submit paper manifests to EPA.”  

The extension is covered in more detail in the Frequently Asked Questions for Receiving Facilities, at:

Rules and Regulations

State and federal laws and regulations governing hazardous waste in New Mexico are available on the Laws and Regulations page.

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