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Solid Waste Bureau


We promote and assure solid waste management practices that improve public health and protect New Mexico’s air, land, and water.

The Solid Waste Bureau regulates solid waste facilities and operations, including commercial haulers, landfills, transfer stations, collection centers, recycling and composting facilities, and infectious waste processing facilities.  We also regulate scrap tire generators, scrap tire haulers, tire recycling facilities and construction projects using more than 100 scrap tires throughout New Mexico.

The Bureau provides outreach and education, to provide regulated facilities with the knowledge necessary to run compliant operations; permitting, to establish effective management and monitoring procedures to ensure that regulated facilities do not adversely affect human health, welfare, or the environment; and enforcement, to compel compliance with permits and regulatory requirements and to discourage future acts of noncompliance.

The Bureau’s activities are guided by the NM Solid Waste Act; Solid Waste Rules; Recycling and Illegal Dumping Act; Recycling, Illegal Dumping, and Scrap Tire Management Rules; and other state and federal rules and policies.

Solid Waste Bureau Announcements

• A Public Hearing for the Eagle Rock Convenience Center (Transfer Station) is scheduled for 5:00 pm on Tuesday, July 6, 2021. Click here for details.

• A Public Hearing for the Cerro Colorado Landfill is scheduled for 5:30 pm on Monday, May 10, 2021. Click here for details.

Public Involvement Plans for Taos Regional Landfill permit application are now available on our Environmental Justice page.

Public Involvement Plans for Deming/Luna County Transfer Station are now available on our Environmental Justice page.

• Resources for solid waste management during the COVID-19 public health emergency are available on the NMED COVID-19 website.