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Air Quality Bureau

Ozone Attainment Initiative

New Ozone Precursor Rule for Oil and Natural Gas Sector

(Draft, 7/20/2020) 


Public comments on draft ozone precursor rule received July 20 through September 16, 2020 are found at the link below.

Draft Ozone Rule-Comments Webpage – updated 1/6/2021


Presentation from the 2019 OAI initial public outreach meetings.

Pursuant to New Mexico Statute 74-2-5.3, Duties and powers of environmental improvement board and local board for attainment and maintenance of national ambient air quality standards for ozone:

“A. If the environmental improvement board or the local board determines that emissions from sources within its jurisdiction cause or contribute to ozone concentrations in excess of ninety-five percent of a national ambient air quality standard for ozone, it shall adopt a plan, including regulations, to control emissions of oxides of nitrogen and volatile organic compounds to provide for attainment and maintenance of the standard. Regulations adopted pursuant to this section shall be limited to sources of emissions within the area of the state where the ozone concentrations exceed ninety-five percent of the national ambient air quality standard.”

The 2015 8-hr primary National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for ozone is 0.070 ppm (or 70 ppb). Ninety-five percent (95%) of the ozone NAAQS is .067 ppm (67 ppb). The form of the standard requires averaging three years of monitoring data for the fourth highest 8-hour average, using the most recent year’s data to determine the “design value”.

For New Mexico, the following monitors show 3-year averages (2017 – 2019) of ozone levels at or above 95% of the NAAQS:

  • La Union (70 ppb) – Doña Ana County
  • Chaparral (73 ppb) – Doña Ana County
  • Desert View (77 ppb) – Doña Ana County
  • Santa Teresa (76 ppb) – Doña Ana County
  • Solano (70 ppb) – Doña Ana County
  • Carlsbad (79 ppb) – Eddy County
  • Hobbs (71 ppb) – Lea County
  • Coyote Ranger Station (67 ppb) – Rio Arriba County
  • Bernalillo (68 ppb) – Sandoval County
  • Bloomfield (68 ppb) – San Juan County
  • Navajo Lake (69 ppb) – San Juan County
  • Substation (69 ppb) – San Juan County
  • Los Lunas (68 ppb) – Valencia County