The Office of Public Facilitation (OPF) is an independent entity within the Office of the Secretary. OPF is staffed by an administrative law judge, a board and commission administrator, and a hearing clerk. Our office is located in the Harold Runnels Building, 1190 So. St. Francis Drive, Suite S2100 in Santa Fe, NM 87505. Office hours are 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday with limited availability during the lunch hour. To make an appointment to view documents in-person please contact the staff below:

For matters before any board or commission, please contact Board Administrator Pam Jones at 505-660-4305 or

For matters before the Cabinet Secretary of the Environment, please contact the Hearing Clerk Madai Corral at 505-490-5803 or

OPF conducts hearings, and issues recommended decisions and reports containing findings of fact and conclusions of law in cases regarding environmental permitting, enforcement matters and rulemakings, where such hearings are requested by a party or the public or required by law.

A central part of OPF's work is to assist the public in the hearing process through meaningful oral and written submission of comments. Please click here: Meaningful Public Comment

Hearings are conducted in accordance with the department's rules of practice, statutes, and all other relevant law. For a step-by-step description of the hearing process, please click here: Hearing Process.

Matters filed before various boards and commissions or the Secretary may be found on the Docketed Matters page.

For additional information about boards and commissions, including membership and meeting agendas, please see the Boards and Commission tab on the main page of the NMED website.

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On the Docket

For matters currently before boards, commissions and the Environment Department Secretary, visit our Docketed Matters page or the Docketed Matters Archive page

Information about how to join hearings and when they are scheduled is available on the Department's calendar.

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Office of Public Facilitation

The OPF staff are present in the Runnels Building (1190 So. St. Francis Drive Santa Fe, NM) from 8 -5 Monday through Friday with limited availability during the noon hour. To make an appointment for in-person viewing of documents please contact:

For matters before any Board or Commission: Pamela Jones at 505-660-4305 ( or
For matters before the Secretary of the Environment: Madai Corral at 505-490-5803 (

Watch Later

Video recordings of hearings before the Secretary and boards and commissions, as well as boards and commissions meetings, are available on our YouTube channel.

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