The Storage Tank Committee (STC) established by NMSA 1978, Section 74-6B-4 is an advisory committee operating under the Ground Water Protection Act that reviews corrective action plans for petroleum storage tank leak sites and monthly financial reports for the Corrective Action Fund. The STC makes recommendations to the cabinet secretary of the Environment Department on proposed rules and payments from the Fund. Committee meetings serve as a public forum on a variety of issues related to the state’s program for managing underground and aboveground storage tanks.

STC has seven members. The STC consists of the the Environment Department cabinet secretary or their designee and six members appointed by the governor and from the following groups, with no more than one member from each group: (a) fire protection districts; (b) elected local government officials; (c) wholesalers of motor fuels; (d) independent retailers of motor fuels; (e) individuals knowledgeable about corrective actions in connection with leaking storage tanks; and (f) private citizens or interest groups.

STC members are appointed for three years. Members serve until their successors are appointed. Vacancies occurring in the membership of an appointed member shall be filled by the governor for the remainder of the unexpired term.

The current STC members are:

  1. Goerger, Lorena No term expiration
  2. Briggs, Ryan, City of Farmington
  3. Hodges, Benjamin, Brewer Oil Co. (Wholesaler of Motor Fuels)
  4. Neil, Brent, Kachina Petroleum Equipment Co. (Private Citizen or Interest Group) 
  5. Scarbrough, Jeffrey, Allsups Inc. (Independent Retailer of Motor Fuels)
  6. Vacant Seat (Corrective Action Expert)
  7. Vacant Seat (Local Elected Official)

Upcoming STC meetings and associated materials are found on the NMED Events Calendar. Past MTC meeting materials are available on the archived version of our previous website.

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