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The threat of terrorist incidents in our Nation presents significant planning, training, response, and recovery challenges to the State and local governments.  To address these challenges, the Radiation Control Bureau has partnered with the State’s Department of Public Safety’s Motor Transportation Division to develop and implement a statewide radiation and detection capability at port-of-entry (POE) facilities.  Presently, there are three POE that are equipped with a radiation detection enhancement.  Three POE facilities that are currently monitoring cargo payloads entering the State, are located at Raton (Interstate 25-southbound), Gallup (Interstate 40-eastbount), and San Jon (Interstate 40-westbound).  The radiation detection and monitoring programs will allow the State of monitor approximately 1.7 million shipments per year.  The placement of these detection systems is strategically enhanced to utilize the resources of law enforcement and inspectors who have been certified as Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance as Level VI inspectors.  Training and “Standard Operating Procedures” have been developed for adjudication of radiation alarms that are generated by any shipment payload.


Raton Port-of-Entry

  • Annual Transporters-143,000
  • Located on Northeastern of State
  • Entry I-25 Southbound Trucks
  • Major WIPP Transport Route
  • Resources
    Law Enforcement 3
    CVSA Certified 7


San Jon Port-of-Entry

  • Annual Transporters-740,000
  • Located on East Side of State
  • Entry  I-40 Westbound Trucks
  • Resources
    Law Enforcement 11
     CVSA Certified 22

Gallup Port-of-Entry

  • Annual Transporter-860,000
  • Located on West Side of State
  • Entry I-40 Eastbound Trucks
  • Minor WIPP Transport Route
  • Resources
    Law Enforcement 10
    CVSA Certified 18



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