The Commissioner Packet for the regularly scheduled WQCC meeting on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 is below.

If there are multiple documents in an item, I have uploaded them to a separate server, to which the link to that item will take you.  I have included as the first document in each collection an index to illustrate the documents present in that collection.  The numbered list in each index corresponds tothe number before each document name in that collection.  The items with single documents are simply linked to the appropriate PDF.  The items presented in the packet are in sequential order according to the agenda, with documents not pertaining to the agenda as the last item.

Meeting Minutes
Canadian River Watershed TMDL
WQCC 18-04 (CO) Settlement Agreement
WQCC 17-07 (A) & WQCC 17-08 (A), Villalpando Dairy, Joint Settlement Agreement
WQCC 19-02 (A), Copper Flat Mine, Permit Review
Code of Conduct
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