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New Mexico
Environment Department

WQCC Matter 15-07 (A)


In the Matter of a Petition Appealing the Secretary of the Environment Department’s Denial of a Hearing on DP-1793 Communities for Clean Water, Petitioner




       1. 08/21/15
       2. 08/21/15
       3. 08/24/15
       4. 08/24/15
       5. 08/24/15
       6. Entry of Appearance Louis W. Rose and Lara Katz 08/28/18
       7. New Mexico Environment Department Response to Motion To Stay 09/08/15
       8. Notice of Filing of Administrative Record 09/08/15
       9. The United States Department of Energy’s and Los Alamos National Security, LLC’s Response in Opposition to Communities for Clean Water’s Opposed Motion to Stay Discharge Permit 1793 09/08/15
     10. Notice of Addendum to Administrative Record 09/14/15
     11. Communities for Clean Water’s Consolidated Reply to New Mexico Environment Department’s, United States Department of Energy’s, and Los Alamos National Security, LLC’s Responses to Motion to Stay Discharge Permit 1793 09/18/15
     12. Communities for Clean Water’s Opening Brief in Support of It’s Petition for Review of Discharge Permit 1793 10/02/15
     13. Answer Brief of the United States Department of Energy and Los Alamos National Security LLC 10/27/15
     14. New Mexico Environment Department’s Answer Brief 10/27/15
     15. Notice of Hearing Officer Appointment 10/30/15
     16. Permit Review Scheduling Order 11/05/15
     17. Communities for Clean Waters Consolidated Reply Brief 11/06/15
     18. Final Order Pursuant to NMAC 02/10/16
     19. Notice of Record Proper Preparation and Statement of Costs 04/19/16
     20. Notice of Withdrawal of Counsel 01/1/18
     21. Joint Stipulation on Procedures for Remand from the Water Quality Control Commission to the New Mexico Environment Department 03/12/18
     22. Order Remanding to the New Mexico Environment Department 03/13/18


All questions regarding the Commission should be directed to:

Pam Castaneda
Administrator for Boards & Commissions

New Mexico Environment Department
P.O. Box 5469
Santa Fe, NM 87502
Tel (505) 827-2425
Fax (505) 827-1628



Harold L. Runnels Building // 1190 St. Francis Drive, Suite N4050 // Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 // tel (800) 219-6157, (505) 827-2855

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