Creekside Dairy; appeal of GWQB 17-02 (CO)

Pleadings Log

  1.Request a Hearing10/12/17
  2.Notice of Docketing10/18/17
 3.Order Setting Hearing and Appointing Hearing Officer11/21/17
4.Scheduling Order Pursuant to NMSA 1978, Section 74-6-10 (G) and 20.1.3 NMAC 11/21/17
5.Affidavit of Publication (Albuquerque Journal English)12/08/17
6.Affidavit of Publication (Albuquerque Journal Spanish)12/08/17
7.Affidavit of Publication (Carlsbad-Current-Argus English and Spanish)12/08/17
8.Affidavit of Publication (Roswell Daily Record English and Spanish)12/09/17
9.Court Reporter Certification12/14/17
10.New Mexico Environment Department’s Witness and Exhibit List12/14/17
11.New Mexico Environment Department’s Unopposed Motion for Stay of Hearing12/26/17
12.Order Granting Stay of Hearing12/27/17
13.Affidavit of Publication (The Albuquerque Journal) English03/10/18
14.Affidavit of Publication (The Albuquerque Journal) Spanish03/10/18
15.Affidavit of Publication (The Roswell Daily Record) English and Spanish03/10/18
16.New Mexico Environment’s Department’s Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law05/10/18
17.New Mexico Environment Department’s Closing Argument05/10/18
18.Hearing Officer Order06/15/18
19.Hearing Officer Recommendation and Proposed Form of Order06/15/18
20.Final Order08/17/18
21.Motion for Stay of Collection of Civil Penalties Pending Appeal10/11/18
22.Stipulated Order Granting Motion for Stay of Collection of Civil Penalties10/24/18
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