The 2013 Triennial Review o
f the Water Quality Standards for Interstate Surface Waters, 20.6.4 NMAC

The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) petitioned the Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) at its July 8, 2014 regular public meeting to conduct the triennial review of New Mexico’s Water Quality Standards, 20.6.4 NMAC. A review of the Standards on a three-year basis is required by Section 303(c) of the federal Clean Water Act (CWA). Along with the petition, NMED presented its proposed amendments and narrative explanation.

Pleadings Log

1.Petition to amend the Surface Water Quality Standards (20.6.4 NMAC) and request for hearing06/25/14
2.Notice of Docketing06/26/14
3.Scheduling Order07/10/14
4.Procedural Order07/10/14
5.Affidavit of publication ( New Mexico Register)07/31/14
6.Affidavit of Publication (The Albuquerque Journal07/31/14
7.Affidavit of publication (Santa Fe New Mexican)07/31/14
8.Affidavit of publication (Las Cruces Sun-News)07/31/14
9.Amigos Bravos’ Proposed Amendments and Statement of Basis09/30/14
10.Entry of Appearance Modrall, Sperling, Roehl, Harris &  Sisk, P.A. (Stuart Buztier)09/30/14
11.Proposed Revisions to 20.6.4 NMAC09/30/14
12.Freeport-McMoRan Chino Mines Company’s Petition to   Amend the Surface Water Quality Standards (20.6.4 NMAC) And Request for Hearing09/30/14
13.New Mexico Environment Department, Surface Water Quality Bureau’s Amended Petition to Revise the Surface Water Quality  Standards (20.6.2 NMAC)10/20/14
14.Affidavit of publication (New Mexico Register)  10/30/14
15.Notice of Alternate Newspaper Publication11/04/14
16.Motion to Strike Portions of Amigos Bravos’ Proposed11/24/14
17.Notice of Hearing Officer Designation11/25/14
18.Amigos Bravos’ Response to the New Mexico Environment Department’s Motion to Strike12/08/14
19.Amigos Bravos’ Notice of Intent to Submit Technical Testimony12/12/14
20.New Mexico Environment Department Surface Water Quality Bureau’s Notice of Intent to Present Technical Testimony12/12/14
21.San Juan Water Commission’s Notice of Intent to Present Technical Testimony12/12/14
22.Los Alamos National Security, LLC’s and the United States Department of Energy’s Notice of Intent to present Technical Testimony12/12/14
23.Chevron Mining Inc.’s Notice of Intent to present Technical Testimony12/12/14
24.Freeport-McMoran Chino Mines Company’s Notice of Intent To present Technical Testimony and exhibits12/12/14
25.Peabody Energy’s Notice of Intent to Present Technical Testimony12/12/14
26.First Notice of Service List12/17/14
27.Order on New Mexico Environment Department’s Motion to Strike Portions of Amigos Bravos’ Proposed Amendments and Statement of Basis12/30/14
28.Notice of Substitution of Counsel01/06/15
29.Second Notice of Service List 01/06/15
30.Revised Second Notice of Service List01/06/15
31.Motion to Clarify Scheduling Order01/27/15
32.Order Modifying Scheduling Order01/30/15
33.Revised Third Notice of Service List02/02/15
34.New Mexico Environment Department Surface Water Quality Bureau’s Rebuttal Technical Testimony02/13/15
35.Amigos Bravos’ Rebuttal Testimony02/13/15
36.San Juan Water Commission’s Notice of Filing Rebuttal Technical Testimony02/13/15
37.Rebuttal Testimony of Michael T. Saladen Los Alamos National Security, LLC.02/13/15
38.Rebuttal Testimony of Robert W. Gensemer, Ph.D. GEI Consultants, Inc.02/13/15
39.Freeport-McMoran Chino Mines Company’s Notice Regarding Rebuttal Testimony02/13/15
40.Peabody’s Energy’s Notice of Intent to Present Rebuttal Technical Testimony02/13/15
41.Notice of Witness Substitution03/06/15
42.Amigo’s Bravos’ Motion to Set a Specific Hearing Date for the Expert Technical Testimony of Dr. Deke Gundersen or, in the Alternative, to Vacate and Reset the June 9, 2015 Hearing in its Entirety03/06/15
43.Order Granting Motion to Set a Specific Hearing Date for the Expert Technical Testimony of Dr. Deke Gundersen or, in the Alternative, to Vacate and Reset the June 9, 2015 Hearing in its Entirety03/12/15
44.Affidavit of Publication (the Albuquerque Journal)04/03/15
45.Affidavit of Publication (The Santa Fe New Mexican)04/06/15
46.Affidavit of Publication (The Las Cruces-Sun News)04/06/15
47.Affidavit of Publication (The Santa Fe New Mexican (English)04/07/15
48.Notice of Substitution Hearing Officer Designation04/16/15
49.Notice of Postponement Public Hearing06/02/15
50.Procedural Order08/07/15
51.Affidavit of Publication English (New Mexico Register)08/28/15
52.Affidavit of Publication Spanish (New Mexico Register)08/28/15
53.Affidavit of Publication Spanish and English (Las Cruces Sun)      08/28/18
54.Affidavit of Publication English (Albuquerque Journal)                    08/28/18
55.Affidavit of Publication Spanish (Albuquerque Journal)08/28/15
56.Affidavit of Publication English (Santa Fe New Mexican)08/28/15
57.Affidavit of Publication Spanish (Santa Fe New Mexican)       08/28/15
58.Notice of Changes to New Mexico Environment Department’s Petition09/04/15
59.Notice of Errata09/22/15
60.Scheduling Order09/28/15
61.Notice of Substitution of Witness10/06/14
62.Peabody Energy’s Notice of Withdrawal of Positions10/08/15
63.Joint Stipulation Regarding Proposed Changes to
64.Amigos Bravos’ Notice of Withdrawal of Objection Regarding Piscicide Issues, Supplemental Proposed Standards, and Supplemental Exhibits Pertinent to Aluminum Criteria10/13/15
65.Notice of Transcript Hearing11/09/15
66.Motion for Extension of Time to Submit Closing Arguments And Proposed Statements of Reasons and Request for Expedited Consideration12/10/15
67.Order Granting Motion for Extension of Time                                    12/14/15
68.New Mexico Environment Department’s Closing Arguments And Proposed Final Rule01/15/16
 69.Order and Statement of Reasons for Amendment of Standards          01/15/16
70.Freeport-McMoran Chino Mines Company’s Proposed Statement of Reasons and Closing Argument01/15/16
71.San Juan Water Commission’s Closing Legal Arguments and Proposed Statement of Reasons01/15/16
72.Chevron Mining Inc.’s Proposed Statement of Reasons and Closing Legal Argument 01/15/16
73.Amigos Bravos’ Closing Argument01/19/16
74.Amigos Bravos’ Proposed Statement of Reasons  01/19/16
75.Chevron’s Mining Inc.’s Notice of Withdrawal and Substitution of         Counsel03/01/16
76.Order Setting Remaining Schedule                                                        03/04/16
77.Proposed Statement of Reasons and Final Order03/16/16
78.New Mexico Environment Department’s Exceptions to the Hearing Officer’s Proposed Statement of Reasons and Final Order04/14/16
79.Amigos Bravos’s Exceptions to the Hearing Officers’ Proposed           Statement of Reasons and Final Order04/15/16
80.San Juan Water Commission’s Exceptions to the Hearing Officer’s Proposed Statement of Reasons and Final Order and Request that Either the Hearing Officer issue a Revised Report Setting Forth the Positions of All Triennial Review Participants or the WQCC Strike The Report 04/15/16
81.Freeport-McMoran Chino Mines Company’s Exceptions to the Hearing Officer’s Proposed Statement of Reasons and Final Order 04/15/16
82.Chevron Mining Inc.’s Exceptions to the Hearing Officer’s Proposed Statement Of Reasons and Final Order 04/15/16
83.Los Alamos National Security LLC;s and the United States Department of Energy’s Notice of Withdrawal and Substitution of Counsel 05/06/16
84.Proposed Statement of Reasons and Final12/09/16
85.San Juan Water Commission’s Report of Apparent Errata in Final Order and Request for Correction of Final Order12/20/16
86.Statement of Reasons and Final Order01/10/17


New Mexico Environment Department’s Notice of Intent Item No. 20

  1. James Hogan Testimony
  2. 2013 Triennial Review Petition and Bases for Changes June 25, 2014 and Amended Petition October 20, 2014
  3. James Hogan Resume
  4. Public Notices for Triennial Review Scoping Period
  5. EPA Letter of Preliminary Triennial Review Recommendations, December 4, 2013
  6. SWQB Responses to EPA Preliminary Recommendations February 19, 2014
  7. Public Notice for Triennial Review Public Discussion Draft and Public Comment Period
  8. Triennial Review Scoping Period Public Comment
  9. Triennial Discussion Draft Public Comments and SWQB Responses
  10. Letter of Notice to Small Business Regulatory Advisory Commission
  11. Affidavits for Legal Notices of Public Hearing for Triennial Review
  12. Triennial Review Websites-SWQB and WQCC
  13. Kristine Pintado Testimony
  14. Kristine Pintado Resume
  15. SWQB Memo on MPN
  16. 40 CFR 131.13
  17. USEPA Nutrients Facts Sheet
  18. SWQB Assessment Protocol for Nutrients
  19. EPA Letter of Comments to SWQB 2013 Triennial Review Public Discussion Drafts
  20. 40 CFR 131.10 (g)(1)-(6)
  21. Testimony Standard Tables 1 and 2 (with explanatory notes)
  22. EPA WQS Regulations Advance Notice of Public Rulemaking (“ANPRM”) Water Quality Standards
  23. EPA Proposed Water Quality Standards Regulartory Certification Proposed Rule September 4, 2013 78 FR
  24. 40 CFR 131.21
  25. 40 CFE 131.20
  26. 40 CFR 122.44 (d)(I)(ii)
  27. EPA Record of Decision (“ROD” January 23, 2001
  28. EPA Final Rule Pesticide General Permit November 7, 2011 76 FR 68750-56
  29. New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDG&F) Memo
  30. Comparison of the EPA Pesticide General Permit
  31. Chino Mines HP UAA “Application of the HP to STSIU Drainages
  32. Chino Mines Submittal Letter April 2011
  33. SWQB Email to Chino Mines June 13, 2011
  34. Correspondence SWQB and Chino Mines
  35. EPA Letter of Technical Review to SWQB: Chino Mines HP UAA
  36. Chino Mines Responses to Comments (“RTC”)
    November 2014
  37. USEPA Factsheet for Recreational Criteria 2012
  38. USEPA Bacteria Criteria 1986
  39. Jodey Kougioulis Testimony – Hydrology Protocol (“HP”) and HP UAAs for Non-Perennial Waters
  40. Jodey Kougioulis Résumé
  41. Mulatto Canyon Field Sheet
  42. HP UAAs Non-Perennial Waters
  43. HP UAAs Non-Perennial Waters Response to Comments
  44. HP UAAs Non-Perennial Waters USEPA Transmittal Letter
  45. HP UAAs Non-Perennial Waters USEPA Approval Letter
  46. Deborah Sarabia Testimony – HP-based UAAs for Four Southern
    New Mexico Waters and the Animas River UAA
  47. Deborah Sarabia Résumé
  48. HP-based UAA for Four Southern New Mexico Waters
  49. Signed Field Evaluation Cover Sheets for HP-based UAA: Four Southern New Mexico Waters
  50. Animas River UAA Final DRAFT
  51. Public Notice of Meeting and Comment Period for HP-based UAA: Four Southern New Mexico Waters
  52. Written Comments Recieved on HP-based UAA: Four Southern New Mexico Waters
  53. EPA Technical Approval of HP-based UAA: Four Southern New Mexico Waters
  54. Notice of Public Meeting and Request for Public Comment
    November 20, 2013
  55. Written Comments Received and SWQB Responses
  56. EPA Technical Approval of the Animas River UAA
  57. Bryan Dail Testimony
  58. Bryan Dail Résumé
  59. USGS Map of the Gila River Near Gila Hot Springs
  60. Road Map of the Gila River Near Gila Hot Springs
  61. Specific Conductance of Select Hot Springs in the Gila Area
  62. Specific Conductance of major Gila River Tributaries
  63. Specific Conductance of Select Gila River tributaries
  64. Gila Segment Memo, March 6, 2014
  65. Mimbres River UAAFreeport-McMoRan Chino Mine’s Notice of Intent Item No. 24

     A.  Chino Mines Site-Specific Copper Criteria Map

     B.  Revised Site-Specific Copper Toxity Model Report

     C.  Developmental of Regression Model to Predict Copper Toxity to Daphnia Magna and Site-Specific Cooper

     D.  Joseph S. Meyer, Ph.D. Resume

     E.  Testimony of Joseph S. Myer

     F.   Barry A. Fulton’s Resume

     G.  Barry A. Fulton’ Testimony

     H.  First Amended Proposed Rule

      I.  Conditional Alternative Proposed Rule

NMED’s Rebuttal Technical Testimony

  1. James Hogan Rebuttal
  2. Review of Clean Water Act (“CWA”) §101 (a) Uses – Contact Recreation Uses for Selected Segments
  3. 2008-2009 Triennial Review Statement of Reasons pp 1. 81-83 and 143, WQCC -October 14, 2010
  4. EPA Approval of Revisions to NM WQ Standards
  5. Record of Decision-US EPA Approval of Revisions to NM WQS -December 29,2006
  6. Record of Decision – US EPA Approval of Revisions to NM WQS
  7. Kristine Pintado Rebuttal testimony
  8. US EPA Region 8 Action on Multiple Sets of Temporary Modifications to Arsenic
  9. Decision of the General Cousel on Matters of Law Pursuant to 40 CFR Sec. 125.36(m), No. 58
  10. Technical Guidance Manual for Application 8 Review Section 301 (c) Variance Requests-Aug 1984
  11. Jodey Kougioulis Rebuttal Testimony
  12. Ambient Water Quality Criterion for Selenium -Freshwater 2014; US EPA Factsheet
  13. E-mail Correspondence: Peabody Exhibit 8 (Cochran Testimony)-2009 Triennial Review
  14. Bryan Dail Rebuttal testimony
  15. Prehearing Testimony of Steven. P. Canton, GEI Consultants, Inc..
  16. EPA Region 6 Review of Metals Criteria, comments on Aluminum-December 6, 2011 
  17. Comments of Freeport-McMoRan Chino Mines Co.’s DRAFT Petition and Hearing Request – Sept. 2013

Public Comments

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