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WQCC Matter 14-15(R)




WQCC Matter 14-15(R)

A Petition to Amend NMAC and Request for a Hearing

This important matter was presented to the Commission at their Public Meeting on Tuesday, July 14, 2015. The meeting began at 9:00am in the Artesia City Hall Chamber, 511 West Texas Avenue, in Artesia, New Mexico. The draft agenda for that meeting is still available online.

Pursuant to the New Mexico Water Quality Act (“WQA”), NMSA 1978, §§76-6-1 to 76- 6-17 (2009) and Section 301 of the Guidelines for Water Quality Control Commission Hearings, Navajo Refining Company, L.L.C. (”Navajo”) petitioned the Commission to adopt new rules authorizing Class I underground injection control wells for hazardous waste (“Class I hazardous waste injection wells”) generated by the oil and gas industry, including refineries (“oil and gas industry”), NMAC to NMAC, hereinafter referred to as the Water Conservation Rule (“WCR”). The WCR would incorporate existing federal regulations, promulgated under the authority of the Safe Drinking Water Act (“SWDA”) for Class I hazardous waste injection wells. Navajo’s proposed Water Conservation Rule would amend and add new text as through


       1. Petition to Amend NMAC and Request for Hearing 11/05/14
       2. Notice of Docketing 11/06/14
       3. 11/10/14
       4. 11/12/14
       5. 11/12/14
       6. Notice of First Amended Petition 11/12/14
       7. Unopposed Motion to Vacate and reset Hearing Currently scheduling for May 12, 2015 12/18/14
       8. Notice of Hearing Officer Designation 12/23/14
       9. Order Granting Motion to Vacate and Reset Hearing 12/29/14
     10. Second Amended Petition to Amend 206.2.3000 NMAC And NMAC 04/30/15
     11. Procedural Order 05/15/15
     12. Notice of Withdrawal and substitution of Counsel, Entry of Appearance and Request for Service List and Amendment 05/20/15
     13. Second Notice of Service List 05/21/15
     14. Affidavit of Publication (New Mexico Register) 05/14/15
     15. Affidavit of Publication (The Clovis News Journal) 05/15/15
     16. Affidavit of Publication (Hobbs News-Sun) 05/16/15
     17. Affidavit of Publication (The Independent) 05/16/15
     18. Affidavit of Publication (Silver City Daily Press and Independent) 05/16/15
     19. Affidavit of Publication (The Santa Fe New Mexican) 05/16/15
     20. Affidavit of Publication (Roswell Daily Record) 05/16/15
     21. Affidavit of Publication (Artesia Daily Press) 05/17/15
     22. Affidavit of Publication (Current-Argus) 05/17/15
     23. Affidavit of Publication (The Albuquerque Journal) 05/17/15
     24. Affidavit of Publication (The Daily Times) 05/18/15
     25. Affidavit of Publication (The Cibola Beacon ) 05/19/15
     26 Affidavit of Publication (The Herald T or C) 05/20/15
     27. Affidavit of Publication (The Taos News) 05/21/15
     28. Amended Affidavit of Publication (New Mexico Register) 05/29/15
     29. Affidavit of Publication (Las Cruces Sun-News) 06/12/15
     30. Affidavit of Publication (Las Cruces BULLETIN) 06/12/15
     31. Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department’s Oil Conservation Division’s Notice of Intent to Present Technical Testimony 06/15/15
     32. Navajo Refining Company, L.L.C.’S Notice of Intent to Present Technical Testimony 06/15/15



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