Important Information Regarding Excess Emissions Reporting

Effective March 19, 2019, the Air Quality Bureau will no longer accept requests to cancel initial or final excess emission report notifications. For each initial excess emission report submitted to the Department, a final excess emission report must be submitted in accordance with NMAC. If, upon review, a permittee determines that an excess emission event reported in an initial excess emission report does not constitute an excess emission, a final excess emission report should be submitted that indicates that zero excess emissions occurred and includes a detailed statement clarifying why the initial emission event reported was not an excess emission. If a permittee determines that there is an error in the final excess emission report, the permittee should contact the Reports Group of the Air Quality Bureau in order to submit corrected data.

In accordance with the EPA’s May 22, 2015 Final Action regarding affirmative defense provisions for startup, shutdown, malfunction and emergency; the New Mexico Environment Department Air Quality Bureau will continue to receive and evaluate affirmative defenses received subsequent to May 22, 2015 in accordance with 20.2.7 NMAC.

All EERs must be submitted via the online system via the Secure Extranet Portal (SEP).

To register for the online system, you must download a copy of the AQB Electronic Subscriber Application and Agreement (ESAA) Form.  Please complete this form and agreement, have the required signatures notarized and submit a hard copy to the NMED AQB via US Mail, FedEx or equivalent.  All required information can be found in the instructions.

Your registration request in the online system will not be authorized unless we have an approved ESAA on file at the AQB.

For information regarding registration for the online application, please contact the AQB EER Administrator at:

Click below to download the User Guide for the AQBCR application.

Click below to download instructions and forms for Root Cause Analysis (if required):

If you experience problems downloading forms, please contact or phone 505-476-4300.

Air Quality Bureau contacts

Find a list of Air Quality Bureau contacts below:

Air Quality Bureau contacts

Ph: 505-476-4300

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