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Air Quality Bureau Universal Application Forms


Introduction to Air Quality Permitting in New Mexico

If you are unfamiliar with the New Mexico Air Quality permitting process, refer to the the link above “Introduction to Air Quality Permitting in New Mexico ” to help familiarize you with our terminology, guide you to our regulations, and provide other helpful basic information to get you started.

If you are not familiar with air quality permitting in New Mexico, we suggest a pre-application meeting with our staff prior to your putting effort into the application process.  This link provides contact information for various types of permitting actions.

New (applies to NOI applications only)!

Changes to processing of 20.2.73 NMAC NOI Applications effective 4/3/17

The NMED Air Quality Bureau announces its intent to modify the procedure for handling Notice of Intent applications.  Over the past few years we have been experiencing an ever increasing number of NOI applications, many of which are submitted with significant errors, incomplete forms, or simply with insufficient or ambiguous information to preclude the Department from making a formal determination whether the facility will meet the requirements of 20.2.73 NMAC. 

The goal of this new procedure is to expedite processing of NOI applications and improve the review process, reducing errors associated with rushed reviews.  Beginning on April 3, 2017 we will implement two new changes. 

First, for NOI applications submitted with insufficient, incorrect, or incomplete information, the Department will notify the applicant via e-mail of the deficiencies and a deadline for the submittal.  If the required information is not submitted by the established deadline, the Department will rule the application incomplete and will close out the application.  If the applicant wishes to resubmit the application for review by the Department, a new certified application must be submitted, including a new $500 filing fee. 

Second, for NOI applications that are determined to require a permit, notice to the applicant will be provided by e-mail and signed hard copy, and the NOI action will be closed out.  Applicants will be required to submit the required permit application, including a new $500 filing fee.

Universal Application

Use this application for Title V, NOI, minor source (both TV & PSD minor), PSD, Streamline, and Non-Attainment permit applications.  Use this application for new sources as well as Modifications & Revisions to the permitting actions listed above.  The exception is this application cannot be used for revisions or modifications to Streamline permits, which, per NMAC, are not subject to revisions and modifications under

MS Word Format Form Name Description & Instructions






Excel Doc








If you have difficulty downloading any application on this page, specify which in an e-mail to Denise Huff

Universal Application

Parts 1, 2, & 3

This application should be used for Title V applications, NOI applications, and NSR Major (PSD) and minor source applications (both Regular New Applications & Modifications), as well as Streamline and Non-Attainment Permit Applications. 

This Universal Application (UA) is in three parts (UA1, UA2, & UA3).  UA1 (Facility Information) and UA3 (the old ‘Attachments’) are in MS Word format. UA2 (the tables) is in MS Excel format, which should allow applicants to link their emission calculation spread sheets to the tables.  A new tab has been added to UA2 application form to facilitate inclusion of emission calculations within the form.  Please send any comments you have about the Universal Application to

When beginning the application process, facilities should always download and use the most current version of the Universal Application.   Facilities which have already begun filling out a Universal Application form which is out of date, may submit on the previous form.  However, the Department may require submission of additional information required by later versions of the application form.

Optionally, certain facilities may elect to apply for general construction permits, GCP permits (GCP-1, GCP-2, GCP-3, GCP-4, or GCP-5) under NMAC.  Applications for GCP permits may be found below.  Facilities that elect not to use apply for a GCP permit should use this Universal Application.  In this case, modeling will be required.

Air quality dispersion modeling is required to be submitted with this application for all 20.2.72, 20.2.74, and 20.2.79 NMAC permits, with the following exceptions: Streamline permits (under NMAC), GCP permits (GCP-2, GCP-3, or GCP-5 permits, under NMAC). Modeling is not required for 20.2.73 NMAC Notice Of Intent (NOI) applications.   Prior to submitting modeling, please review the air dispersion Modeling Guidelines to ensure compliance with modeling requirements. PSD permit applications may require pre-construction air monitoring before submittal of the application.

When using MS Word or Excel versions of applications on this web site, it is necessary to save the application to your computer using the SAVE AS command before editing the document.

Recent Changes in UA1, UA2, & UA3 include:  The only change made to UA3, Section 13, Determination of State & Federal Air Quality Regulations, is the addition of NSPS Dc.  On 7/14/17, UA1 (on the 1st page) was changed to require an acknowledgement that double sided printing and 2-hole punching is now required.

We are now individualizing revision dates for each Sections when the Section is revised.

Public Notice Guidance for NSR permits Public Notice Guidance for NSR permits Public Notice Guidelines (required under NMAC) for permits using the Universal Application. At a minimum, all Public Notices shall include all the information required by the examples provide in this document.  Do not use this guidance for GCP permits. 

NSR Relocation Application



NSR Relocation Application Use this NSR Relocation Application to relocate portable source permitted facilities with regular NSR permits.  Do not use this application to relocate GCP permits.  Do not relocate until this relocation request has been approved. Form updated to reflect new fees for 2019.

Streamline Relocation Form


Streamline Relocation Form

Use this Streamline Relocation Form to ensure relocation compliance and to document the relocation of portable streamline compressors permitted under NMAC.

NSR Equipment Substitution Form


NSR Equipment Substitution Form If your facility specifically allows for equipment substitution, use this NSR Equipment Substitution Form to notify the Department of the equipment substitution. 

Short Term Engine Replacement Spreadsheet (Excel)


Short Term Engine Replacement Spreadsheet

If your permit has a condition titled ‘Short Term Engine Replacement’, use this spreadsheet to verify whether or not the replacement engine qualifies as a “replacement engine” under this condition.

* Date Published:  Next to each application is a date, which is the date the application was published.  New applications should use the most recently published form.  Applications received by the Department prior to 30 days after the Date Published may be submitted on the previous version of the application form. 


Go to the Permitting Procedures and Guidance page for additional information which also includes links to Emission Calculations. 

Permitting Fees

Overview: Refer to Permit Fees for permit fee requirements. Additionally, the individual applications give instructions on required permit fees. In general a permit filling fee of $500 or the full permit fee is due with the application submittal.  

Small Business: If your company meets the definition of a Small Business under NMAC, it is eligible to receive discounts as specified in NMAC. To register as a Small Business, fill out the Small Business Certification Form located here

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