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Air Quality Relocation Application and Guidance

Relocation of Permitted Facilities ( NMAC):    Facilities wishing to relocate may use the exemption provided under NMAC providing the proposed relocation is applied for using the correct form and the proposed relocation is approved by the Environment Department.  Facilities that have a General Construction Permit (GCP) should use the Multi-Form associated with the GCP.  Facilities that do not have a GCP permit, but have a regular 20.2.72 NMAC Construction Permit should use the NSR Relocation Form


Relocation of Permitted Facilities
Relocation Applications
GCP-2 Multi-Form Use the GCP-2 Multi-Form to relocate aggregate facilities with GCP-2 permits
GCP-3 Multi-Form Use the GCP-3 Multi-Form to relocate asphalt plants with GCP-3 permits
GCP-5 Multi-Form Use the GCP-5 Multi-Form to relocate concrete batch plants with GCP-5 permits

Construction Permits (NSR) Relocation Application


Use this form if you wish to relocate facilities that have a regular construction permit issued under 20.2.72 NMAC.  Form updated to reflect new fees for 2019.

Streamline Permit Relocation Form


Use this form if you wish to relocate facilities that have a streamline permit issued under NMAC.
Public Notice for Relocation Applications
Public Notice Guidance for Relocation of Construction Permits (NSR) This document provides Public Notice Guidelines (required under NMAC) for permits using the Universal Application. At a minimum, all Public Notices shall include all the information required by the examples provide in this document.  Do not use this guidance for GCP permits. 
Relocation Public Notice Guidelines for GCP-2, 3, & 5 permits GCP-2, 3, & 5 Relocation Public Notice Guidelines
Public Notice Example for Relocation of GCP-2, 3, & 5 GCP-2, 3, & 5 Relocation Public Notice Example GCP-2, 3, & 5 Relocation Posted Public Notice Example


Options for Demonstrating Compliance with NAAQS & NMAAQS upon relocation:

A portable source may be relocated as provided under NMAC, “Portable Source Relocation”. NMAC requires “The Department shall not approve the relocation if it would result in exceedances of any NAAQS or NMAAQS at the new location;”

The only way the Department can ensure this requirement is met is through modeling.  This requirement may be met in the following ways:

General Construction Permits (GCP):  Since GCP permits have already undergone state-wide relocation modeling, GCP permits do not require modeling on relocation if the facility continues to meet all the requirements of the GCP at the new location.

Other NSR Permits:

Permitted Relocation Set-Back:  If both initial site modeling and relocation set back modeling was performed in the past and a condition was put into the permit establishing a minimum setback upon relocation, then, if the proposed location meets this setback, the facility meets the NAAQS and the NMAAQS at the proposed location.

Modeling at the proposed location:  Optionally, compliance with the NAAQS and NMAAQS can be demonstrated at the proposed location in one of the following ways:

    • #1:  Submittal of site specific air dispersion modeling for the proposed site
    • #2:  A written approved modeling waiver for the proposed site
    • #3:  Certification that the new location meets the following Relocation Protocols below. 

Relocation Protocols

You must certify and demonstrate that the new site will meet all four of the following Relocation Protocols requirements and that any subsequent repositioning at this site of any emission sources of this facility will continue to meet these protocols.

#1:  The facility will continue to comply with all terms and conditions of its existing Regular NSR Permit, unless the Department’s approval of this relocation explicitly changes the setback distances based on a modeling analysis that you submitted and the Department approved prior to this application.

#2:  The facility will maintain at least a 3 mile setback between the area of operations and the boundary of any federal Class I area, unless the existing permit specifies a different setback.

#3:  The facility will maintain at least a 1 mile setback between the area of operations and the area of operations of any emission source, unless the existing permit for at least one of the sources explicitly specifies a different setback or explicitly allows for collocation upon relocation.

#4:  The facility will maintain at least a 0.25 mile (1,320 feet, 440 yards, 402 meters) setback between the area of operations and any occupied structures, unless the existing permit explicitly specifies a different setback applicable upon relocation

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