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Permit Fees

NEW: NSR Permit Application Fee amounts have been updated for calendar year 2017. The new fee amounts are applied for all new permit applications beginning January 1, 2017. Please make sure to submit the correct fee amount with your applications. 

Permit Fees

The New Mexico Environment Department charges permit fees (NSR Construction Fees) and fees based on the quantity of emissions the Title V permit allows (Title V Fees) to cover the cost of administering each program. The fee requirement for each program is described below.

The NOI Application Fee:

The NOI Application Fee of $500 is required with the NOI application submittal.

Refer to NSR Permit Fees Frequently Asked Questions for more information on NSR Permit Fees.

NSR Application Filling Fee:

The NSR Application Filling Fee is: ($500) This fee is due with the NSR application. During the application review a General Review fee will be calculated using the current NSR Fee Point value of $400 and an invoice will be issued for the fee balance (total less $500).

The Construction Permit Fee Calcuator will allow you to enter the appropriate parameters for your facility to determine the approximate fee for a specific application. Construction Permit Fees Calculator (2017)

NSR General Review Fee:

Each application for a permit or a permit modification (regulated under 20.2.72 NMAC, 20.2.74 NMAC and 20.2.79 NMAC) are assessed a permit fee per Construction Permit Fees – 20.2.75 NMAC. This Construction Permit Fee regulation assesses fees based on a complexity schedule. The 2017  will allow you to enter the appropriate parameters for your facility to determine the approximate fee for a specific application. The Calculator for 2017 becomes effective on 1-1-2017 (Construction Permit Fees Calculator 2017).  Except for a few fixed fee permitting action types, the actual fee assessed will be determined during the application review process. In these cases, the Department will issue a balance due invoice.

In addition to the permit fee, NSR Construction Permits are assessed an annual fee at the beginning of each year. This fee is adjusted each year relative to the Consumer Price Index. The new fees take effect January 1 of each calendar year.

Annual CPI adjustments to NSR Fees:

Below you will find the methodology on how the NSR Fee values and annual fees are calculated to include the CPI adjustment:

CPI Adjustment Methodology for 2017 NSR Fees 

General Construction Permit Application Fee:

All new GCP permit applications require a $4,000 fee with the application submittal. For modifications to GCP’s refer to the FAQ’s to determine how the fees are assessed.

The Streamline Application Fee:

All streamline permit applications, both for new sources and modifications to existing sources, require 10 point fee due with the application. In the case of portable permits for multiple sites (packages), this fee is due for each site (package). The fee for the streamline permit application is $4,000.

Relocation Fees:

All portable permit relocation applications are assessed this relocation fee, which is due with the application submittal. Fee is $400.00

Relocations of specific portable sources (those permitted under NMAC) require a processing fee for each relocation action. There is a form to be prepared and submitted to the Department, which must be approved before the relocation is permitted. These forms vary according to which type of permit the facility has. If the facility has a General Construction Permit, its corresponding relocation form must be used.   In 2016 use the following: GCP-2 Multi-Form, the GCP-3 Multi-Form, or the GCP-5 Multi-Form).  Facilities with regular NSR permits must use the NSR Relocation Form.  Beginning on 1-1-2017 use the following: GCP-2_Multi-Form 2017, the GCP-3 Multi-Form 2017GCP-5 Multi-Form 2017, NSR Relocation Form 2017.

Small Businesses:

If your company meets the definition of a Small Business under NMAC, it is eligible to receive discounts as specified in NMAC. The definition of a “small business” can be found on the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program Home Page. To register as a Small Business, fill out the Small Business Certification Form.

NSR Annual Fee:

The current NSR Annual Fee is:  calendar yr 2017 – $1907.  The Department will send an invoice in January of each year for this annual fee.

TV Annual Fees:

Each Title V permit (regulated under 20.2.70 NMAC) is assessed an annual fee per (Operating permit fees – 20.2.71 NMAC)based upon the allowable emissions in the facility’s permit.

These new fees will be effective 1/1/2017 and will be used to calculate invoices for annual Title V fees billed in early 2017 for permits in effect as of 12/31/16.

The current Title V fee per Fee Pollutant ( NMAC) is $30.18/ton. The corresponding Title V HAP fee ( NMAC) is  $191.81.

Title V Excess Emissions Fees:

Facilities with excess emissions regulated under 20.2.7 NMAC, in addition to being possibly issued a Notice Of Violation (NOV) and being fined, are required to pay a fee based on the quantity of excess emissions at the facility.

2017 Excess Emissions Fee Report Form (MS Excel Format)

2017 Instructions for Excess Emissions Fee Report Form (PDF)

Annual CPI adjustments to TV Fees:

Below you will find the methodology on how the TV Fee values are calculated to include the CPI adjustment:

For calendar year 2017, effective 1/1/2017:  CPI adjustment methodology for 2017 QGF Fees


Qualifying Generating Facility Certification Fees (QGF):

(calendar yr 2017 QGF – $5,580)

Each QGF Certification regulated under (20.2.89 NMAC) is required to pay an application fee which is adjusted annually based on the Consumer Price Index. The new application fee is recalculated in January of each calendar year.

CPI adjustment methodology for 2016 QGF application fee

CPI adjustment methodology for 2017 Title QGF Fees

If you have any questions regarding the fees regulations, please contact Kerry Carr, Technical Service Unit manager, at (505) 476-4339.

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