Title and Link to Supporting Documentation WQCC Docketed Matter WQCC Decision Effective Date for State Purposes ** Effective Date for Federal CWA Purposes*** 
Segments of the Rio Grande, Rio Hondo, Lake Fork, East Fork Jemez River, San Antonio Creek and Redondo Creek ONRW (third-party petition)21-62(R)08.15.202209.24.202202.08.2023
Upper Pecos River and Identified Tributaries ONRW (third-party petition)
2020 Triennial Review*
Pecos River and Tributaries ONRW (third-party petition) (third-party petition)
20-18(r) Withdrawn Withdrawn Withdrawn
Temporary Standard Raton19-46(R)04.07.202005.22.202007.24.2020
San Isidro Arroyo and Tributaries19-03(R)11.04.201912.17.201904.09.2020
Dog Canyon Creek UAA17-04(R)01.09.201802.13.2018No Action
Tecolote Creek UAA17-04(R)01.09.201802.13.201809.12.2018
2013 Triennial Review*14-05(R)01.10.201703.02.201708.11.2017
Santa Fe River12-07(R)01.08.201302.14.201306.05.2013
Galisteo Creek12-07(R)01.08.201302.14.201306.05.2013
Dry Cimarron River11-05(r)04.10.201207.10.201211.26.2012
Lakes Amendment11-05(R)04.10.201207.10.201211.26.2012
Antidegradation Amendments12.15.201001.14.201104.11.2013
Wilderness ONRWs10-01(R)12.15.201001.14.201104.11.2013
2009 Triennial Review*08-13(R) October 201012.01.201006.18.2012
Valle Vidal ONRW 05-04(R)12.14.200502.16.200606.27.2006
LANL waters03-05(R)05.13.200505.23.200508.31.2007
2005 Triennial Review*03-05(R)05.13.200505.23.200512.29.2006
Sulphur Creek03-05(R)05.13.200505.23.200511.16.2006

*Triennial Reviews may also include UAAs and ONRWs not independently identified on this amendment list.

**The effective date for State Purposes is the date the rule, under NMAC, became effective.

***The effective date, for purposes of the Clean Water Act, is the date of EPA Region 6 approval.

****Note for the 2020 Triennial Review: EPA only provided partial approval for the actions submitted under this matter. Subsequent approvals/denials are anticipated, pending EPA’s consultation with USFWS.

NOTE: not all actions approved for State purposes may have been approved by EPA for CWA purposes. Please refer to EPA’s response(s) for more information.

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