The Notice of Intent Oil and Gas Quick form was developed by NMED to maximize ease of submittal and review. NOI oil and gas quick forms must be submitted through the AQB ePermitting Portal as of  2023. The NOI Abbreviated Form, Payment Information Form, and Air Emissions Calculation Tool are required attachments in the Portal. Forms include a change log that indicates the earliest version of the form that will be accepted.

Portable NOI compressor packages and non-oil and gas NOIs should be submitted on the Universal Application Forms and mailed to the office through the standard process and cannot be submitted through the Portal at this time.

For NOI forms submitted with insufficient, incorrect, or incomplete information, the Department will notify the applicant via e-mail of the deficiencies and a deadline for the submittal. If the required information is not submitted by the established deadline, the Department will rule the notice incomplete and will not be processed until the requested information is provided. If the information is not provided by the new deadline the Department will request the notice be withdrawn or it will be denied. If the applicant wishes to resubmit the NOI for review by the Department, new certified forms must be submitted, including a new $500 filing fee. If facilities are determined to require a permit, notice to the applicant will be provided by e-mail and signed letter, and the NOI action will be closed out. A new filing fee is required with the appropriate permit application.

If you are not familiar with air quality permitting in New Mexico, we suggest a pre-application meeting with our staff prior to you putting effort into the application process. Use the Contact Us link to schedule a pre-application meeting.

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Air Quality Bureau contacts

Ph: 505-476-4300

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