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Quick Application 


New!  Oil & Gas NOI Quick Application

NMED is announcing this NOI Oil and Gas Quick Application (electronic file name NOI-O&G-QA), which was developed for the oil and gas industry and has been customized to maximize ease of submittal and review.  We have made many improvements to streamline its use, including reducing the number of documents to download from four to two, requesting only Part 73-specific and necessary information (eliminating much information required for Part 72), updating the Air Emissions Calculation Tool (AECT, see list of improvements below), and reducing the number of pages of the form by almost a quarter and the information required by almost half.  This new form further streamlines the application development and review process, and will expedite NOI processing.  The AECT is required to be used with this form.   

Processing of 20.2.73 NMAC NOI Applications

Over the past few years we have been experiencing an ever increasing number of NOI applications, many of which are submitted with significant errors, incomplete forms, or simply with insufficient or ambiguous information to preclude the Department from making a formal determination whether the facility will meet the requirements of 20.2.73 NMAC within the regulatory 30-day timeline. 

For NOI applications submitted with insufficient, incorrect, or incomplete information, the Department will notify the applicant via e-mail of the deficiencies and a deadline for the submittal.  If the required information is not submitted by the established deadline, the Department will rule the application incomplete and will close out the application.  If the applicant wishes to resubmit the application for review by the Department, a new certified application must be submitted, including a new $500 filing fee.  For NOI applications that are determined to require a permit, notice to the applicant will be provided by e-mail and signed hard copy, and the NOI action will be closed out.  Applicants will be required to submit the required permit application, including a new $500 filing fee.

Notice of Intent Application for Oil and Gas Production Facilities
Documents Form Name Description & Instruction


NOI Oil & Gas Quick Application




Air Emissions Calculation Tool





If you have trouble downloading or using the AEC Tool, download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Pro to fix this problem.

NOI  Oil & Gas Quick Application (MS Word)


AECT (emissions calculation tool)

NEW!  O&G NOI  Quick Application!

Save time and effort with our updated Air Emissions Calculation Tool (AECT)! 

This tool includes our embedded and approved calculations.  Simply fill in your variables and the tool calculates your emissions.  Save time and effort.  Of course, if you would like to submit alternative calculations for our consideration, this tool provides backup check to your calculations.

The Department has developed a new abbreviated application form for oil and gas facilities registering under 20.2.73 NMAC – Notice of Intent (NOI).  Please use this form for production sites, tank batteries, loading stations, compressor stations, and storage vessels registering to operate under a NOI.

The Air Emissions Calculation Tool is required to be filled out and submitted with all NOI applications, regardless of whether you submit alternate method(s) of emission calculations.

If you are submitting an NOI application for other types of facilities or are using the Universal Application as a permit application, the AECT is acceptable in lieu of custom calculations, but is not required.

Submit the entire application (NOI-O&G-QApp & AECT) on a single CD.  Hard copies of pages 1, 2, and the signed Certification Page are required with your application submittal.   Hard copies of the AECT form are not required.

The most recent NOI Oil & Gas Quick Application form updates are to Section 4.

If you have questions or comments about the use of the AECT form, please contact Rick Poley at  Send your comments on the NOI O&G Quick Application form to Rhonda Romero at


* Date Published:  Next to each application is a date, which is the date the application was published.  New applications should use the most recently published form.  Applications received by the Department prior to 30 days after the Date Published may be submitted on the previous version of the application form.

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