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Air Quality Bureau

Emission Inventory Submittal

2020 Emission Inventory

The NM Environment Department – Air Quality Bureau (Bureau) is conducting a Major and Minor Source Emissions Inventory, excluding facilities in Bernalillo County and on Tribal Lands, for calendar year 2020 (per NMAC).

This inventory will apply to all sources with air quality construction permits (20.2.72 NMAC or 20.2.74 NMAC) or operating permits (20.2.70 NMAC), including General Construction Permits (GCP).  It will also apply to sources with Notices of Intent (NOI) ( NMAC).

Actual emissions from calendar year 2020 can be reported to the Bureau starting January 1, 2021 and are due by 11:59PM on April 1, 2021. Actual emissions are required to be submitted using the online reporting tool, AEIR, provided by the Bureau.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are required to be reported to the Bureau if the parent company is reporting these emissions to the EPA. However, all businesses with air quality permits are encouraged to submit GHG emissions data.

Emission Inventory Submittal and Calculation Methods

Emission inventory may be submitted by entering information directly into AEIR or by uploading a specially formatted XML file. An MS Access program that imports and exports this type of file and also calculates emissions of equipment is available for testing at

Click here to watch the introduction to XML submittal video (9 minutes, 39 seconds).

Instructions to Access AEIR

Written instructions on How to Access AEIR.

Video AEIR access instructions. (11 minutes, 51 seconds)

Instructions to Complete Emission Inventory

Guidance Document (emission inventory submittal instructions).

Creating a new submittal in AEIR video (8 minutes). (Start at 2:13 if you are already in AEIR.)

Manually Add Equipment to a NOI in AEIR video (20 minutes, 1 second)

2020 Emissions Inventory:  XML AEIR Training (35 minutes, 39 seconds)

Instructions to Certify Completed Inventory

Once the inventory has been completely filled out or uploaded, follow instructions to certify inventory.

Electronic Subscriber Application and Agreement (ESAA) and Instructions

Manage E-Sign slide presentation for electronic signatures.

Emission Inventory Guidance Documents Related to Construction Industries

Aggregate Instructions

Asphalt Instructions

Concrete Instructions

Live Training Sessions Schedule

All training sessions will be on MS Teams:

December 16, 2020: Training Session Dec 16, 2020 (1 hour, 21 minutes, 21 seconds) (Timestamps: 3:13 general Emission Inventory orientation, 30:03 XML, 1:12:49 Greenhouse Gas.)
January 14, 2021: AEIR Training Session Jan 14, 2021 (recording)
January 21, 2021: AEIR Calcatenate Training (recording) (1 hour 30 minutes. Calcatenate starts at 19:38)
January 28, 2021: AEIR Training Session Jan 28, 2021 (recording)
February 4, 2021: AEIR Training Session Feb 4, 2021 (recording)
February 11, 2021, 2PM MST
February 18, 2021, 2PM MST
February 25, 2021, 2PM MST

All training sessions can be accessed at Join Microsoft Teams Meeting.

Industrial Codes (NAICS and SCC)

General Information for Minor Sources

2020 Minor Source Emissions Inventory Overview Video (1 minute 53 seconds)

Minor Source Emission Inventory Presentation slides from outreach activities.

2020 Minor Source Emissions Inventory Basics video (27 minutes 1 second)

2020 Minor Source Emissions Inventory Preparation Training May 20, 2020.

Sign up for Minor Source Emissions Inventory bulletins at: to receive updates and guidance on the implementation of this requirement.

Emission Inventory Contact

Contact Emission inventory staff.

Permit Information

Visit the Current Permitting Activities website for the NSR Issuance Report which lists the facilities and actions the Bureau shows for your company.