New Mexico
Environment Department

Contact Information:
(505) 827-2855 MAIN // 1-800-219-6157 (toll free)
Environmental Emergencies:
505-827-9329 (24 hrs)

Surface Water Quality

Standard Operating Procedures

These Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) serve as guidance to SWQB personnel engaged in monitoring of New Mexico surface waters. *Note- Archived 2007 SOP document

SOP title Related SOP forms Staff contact
1.0 General
1.1 SOP Creation & Maintenance  none Kris Barrios
2.0 Planning
2.1 Development of Field Sampling Plan (FSP) FSP Template

 Kris Barrios
3.0 Equipment
3.0 Equipment (pending) Master Equipment Checklist (pending)  Kris Barrios
4.0 Field Observations
4.1 Probable Source Determination
Probable Source(s) and Site Condition Field Form
Attachment #1:  EPA List of Probable Sources
Heidi Henderson
4.2 Hydrology Protocol Cover Sheet

Field Forms

Charles Dentino
5.0 Physical Habitat
5.0 Physical Habitat

Habitat Field Sheets

Habitat Field Upload Forms

Equipment Checklist

 Charles Dentino
6.0  Sondes & Thermographs
6.1 Sonde Calibration and Maintenance Calibration Worksheet

YSI Calibration Tips

Kris Barrios
6.2 Sonde Deployment DO Logger Deployment Form

Conductivity Logger Deployment Form

Sonde Deployment Form

Stream Field Data Form

Sonde Data Upload Instructions

Gary Schiffmiller
Kris Barrios
6.3 Thermographs Thermograph Deployment Form

Thermograph Deployment Checklist

Gary Schiffmiller
6.4 Data Logger & Upload Long Term Data Management Spreadsheet
– Hourly Data

Long Term Data Management Spreadsheet
– 15-Minute Data

Appendix A – QA Examples

Kris Barrios
7.0 Flow
7.0 Flow Flow Field Sheet

Flow Sheet and Calculator

Charles Dentino
8.0 Chemical Sampling  
8.1 Cleaning of Sampling Equipment none Charles Dentino
8.2 Chemical Sampling in Lotic Environments Stream Field Data Form

Total Residual Chlorine Data Upload Form

Chemical Sampling Checklist

SLD Submittal Forms

Charles Dentino
8.3 NPDES Wastewater Sampling Wastewater Field Sheets

ISCO Deployment-Retrieval Field Sheets

Sarah Holcomb
9.0 Bacteriological Sampling
9.1 Bacteriological Sampling Bacteria Record Sheet

Bacteria Database Upload

Bacteria Database Upload – Example

Charles Dentino
10.0 Nutrient Survey and Sampling
10.0 Nutrient Survey and Sampling Level I Nutrient Form Seva Joseph
11.0  Biological Sampling
11.1 Benthic Macroinvertebrates Field Form – Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Peripyton Seva Joseph
11.2 Periphyton Chlorophyll a Analysis Sheet Seva Joseph
11.3 Phytoplankton (see lake sampling)  none Charles Dentino
11.4 Fish Community Sampling Fish Sampling Field Sheet

Fish Collection Checklist

Physical Characterization / Water Quality Field Datasheet

Gary Schiffmiller
11.5 Fish Consumption
Advisory Program
none Gary Schiffmiller
12.0 Lake Sampling
12.0 Lake Sampling Lake Field Sheet

Lakes Checklist

Charles Dentino
15.0 Data Verification and Validation
15.0 Data Verification and Validation

Data Verification & Validation Forms

 Miguel Montoya